Senate recount down to 387 ballots - and almost certain appeal

  • Article by: PATRICIA LOPEZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 7, 2009 - 8:53 AM

As the three-judge panel nears a decision, both sides are preparing for the next step.

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stpaul111Apr. 6, 0912:45 PM

I hope Coleman stops trying to overturn the results of the election soon!

keverrApr. 6, 0912:45 PM

Drag it through higher levels of courts. Even if you lose in the end, every day you drag it out is a day we keep that loser Franken out of the Senate voting on crucial issues.

drichmnApr. 6, 0912:54 PM

It is the end for Norm no matter how many courts he drags it through. It's obvious that Franken got more votes. Being an obstructionist that delays the seating of the person who got more votes is anti-democracy. Franken won the election. Get over it.

dsgarshelisApr. 6, 0912:55 PM

With every new development, he has less and less opportunity to change his position on a fundamental issue, and, consequently, less and less opportunity to solicit illegal funds for personal uses. Poor guy.

keverrApr. 6, 09 1:02 PM

I would say the same thing if I was in our shoes. Since I am not, I would like Coleman to fight it till the end. Whether he does or not is his busines, and its too late for him to garner any goodwill by dropping out.

gopidiotApr. 6, 09 1:12 PM

Socialism is a philosophy of distribution of wealth.

stribread250Apr. 6, 09 1:12 PM

llboomga, just because you are confused that's not grounds enough to "throw the whole mess out." Fortunately for us, you're not one of the judges deciding this election contest. They've seen all the evidence had have concluded that the election was fair and transparent. What makes you think your vantage point is somehow better?

ripley28Apr. 6, 09 1:27 PM

People are losing sight of the bigger picture and the bigger picture is more important than Coleman's Ego. Minnesota needs another Senator to be heard in important debates right now. Not a year from now. He's so shady that if this situation was turned around, he would be argueing the opposite of what he is now. He just wants to win at any cost and that cost isn't even coming out of his own pocket. He would of won by a landslide had it not come to light of all of his shady politicain behaviors wouldn't of come to light. I want a Senator who will vote for the right thing to do for the majority of the people, not vote for whoever gave him the most stuff. Coleman's career in politics is over.

prgxavierApr. 6, 09 1:27 PM

It looks like the same 400 in the recount when precincts detected 1380 were good to open and after parties' lawyers had a look at'em the number dropped to 900 and something. It sounds as if had they accepted that inspection this recent appeal would yield zero in new votes. Still betting 150 F - 100 C - 50 O.

notsidApr. 6, 09 1:30 PM

That fact that he ended up in a near virtual tie in his re-election bid against an essentially unknown candidate after six years of doing good things for Minnesotans while sitting on GW's knee has to be continually embarrassing for Coleman, no matter what the final result might be.


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