Vikings should pass on whiny QB Cutler

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 2, 2009 - 1:58 PM

The Vikings don't need pouting Jay Cutler as their quarterback. He's under .500 as an NFL starter, has an eggshell-fragile ego and comes with enabling parents.

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margykrApr. 1, 09 9:20 PM

have placed blame on Cutler's agent, who has been very disruptive with other players in order to get them more money. Cutler requested a trade 1-2 weeks ago, won't return messages, won't even talk to the Broncos owner; today's report suggested Bowlen the owner got fed up, so now is shopping Cutler. Then again, new baby coach McDaniels has behaved like a jackass also and caused all this. He also canned lots of productive players. So there's blame enough to go around, but Cutler behaves like a brat, can be shocked all he wants while ignoring the fact that he's an employee, not the 2nd Coming for Qbacks. He developed his grossly inflated ego from his agent and before that Shanahan. It's too bad for the team that for Cutler everything is all about him, and if a trade happens the Broncos have no first-tier Qback. Guess us fans have to wait more years, since McD shows no flashes of brilliance either.

duanebeckApr. 1, 09 9:21 PM

I would rather go with John David Booty right now than deal with this dixie chick.

stspieperApr. 1, 09 9:22 PM

Way to put it into prospective.

kyvikesfanApr. 1, 09 9:22 PM

the vikes could use cutler if all they had to give up was a 2nd round pick, but if the price is multiple picks and players I'd rather watch tjack and sage compete for the job. we dont another herchel

nkimmonsApr. 1, 09 9:23 PM

This is from an article: "He's 17-20 as Broncos starter, although that's misleading because of Denver's dismal defense. In games where the Broncos have allowed 21 points or fewer, Cutler is an impressive 13-1" Um yeah, I'll take him with our defense.

moneilApr. 1, 09 9:30 PM

As much as I hate the play calling of Chilly, I'd rather go into this season as a make or break for both Chilly and TJ. Let's see what they've got. I'd rather do that than to get stuck in a long term deal with a juvenile Cutler.

germanspikeApr. 1, 09 9:34 PM

But that doesn't mean that i want him to start for us next year unless he's trully ready and win us i SUper Bowl! Bring us Cutler!

mrhankeyApr. 1, 09 9:35 PM

or two nice guy QBs that stink. I'll take the whiner.

napmikeholApr. 1, 09 9:41 PM

The poll on this site says 86 percent of fans say the Vikings should be interested in Cutler. But Chilly says only his opinion matters. If we have to watch AP slamming into 8 and 9 man fronts because Chilly won't get a legitimate starter-caliber QB, he should expect a lot of booos.

csbennettApr. 1, 09 9:48 PM

The Vikings, Browns, and Broncos. Let's get Quinn while the Browns get Cutler and the Broncos get picks and either Jackson or Derek Anderson


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