Slipping through state's safety net

  • Article by: WARREN WOLFE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 31, 2009 - 9:57 AM

Critical social services are overwhelmed as more people lose their jobs, insurance and homes.

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michaelblaineMar. 30, 09 9:45 PM

Let them fend for themselves. There are only so many resources to go around, and we need to funnel these to AIG executives; the Pohlads' new stadium; and Iraq. Government is for the powerful, not the losers.

redqidMar. 30, 09 9:52 PM

The bankers have corrupted Washington and are now slowly robbing the citizens in a way worthy of a third world dictatorship.

RexNewmanMar. 30, 09 9:59 PM

Times were tougher during the Carter recession. How did we survive then, when State spending was so much less?

buckslayerMar. 30, 0910:08 PM

and you know the kind of BS I'm talking about. When you have a group of people in charge of allocating money that are so far removed from reality, this is what happens. Yeah, I think we need to spend way more on light rail and fancy water fountains and less on helping people that are truly in need. Working people that lost jobs are suffering more than section 8 welfare lifers.

lms77Mar. 30, 0910:16 PM

I think you meant to say the Reagan/Volcker recession of '81 and '82. We resolved that crisis by reversing some of Reagan's draconian tax cuts in the tax bills of 1982 and 1986.

MoojaMar. 30, 0910:18 PM

is to have a robust, healthy economy. Best way to do that is reduce taxes and get out of the way of good business. As we can clearly see, when business is bad everyone suffers.

michaelblaineMar. 30, 0910:26 PM

--George W. Bush, March 12, 2008. I agree with Bush. Except that his tax cuts at the start of this decade didn't go far enough; the upper 1% of income earners need another round of relief so that they can start generating more jobs for the rest of us. That's the only way to lift these poor people out of their predicament: give me more money to the folks who know how the economy works and who know how to create jobs. And the poor don't generate jobs. They're a drag on society, but our patriotic capitalists will look out for them if only they can get the additional tax relief they need now more than ever.

tcnorthstarMar. 30, 0910:29 PM

Never fear, more welfare customers are on the way by bus and train. Needless to say there are individuals through no fault of their own need assistance, maybe we better verify better, want help, drug test, 18 years old,single,able body,equals no welfare.

eaglesMar. 30, 0910:33 PM

...because I know he's going to take care of me and my family and everyone else. Right? Isn't this what change is all about? It's so nice not to have to worry any more about who will take care of me because I know obama and the all the nice government employees will take care of my rent and food and car and gas and doctor's visits. Ya know maybe I'll just stop working, paying all these taxes and ride this gravy train as long as I can. What the heck.

michaelblaineMar. 30, 0910:35 PM

That country's tax take as a percentage of GDP is 14.7%, less than half that of the US. If government would just get out of the way here as it does there, we can look forward to a standard of living that equals and - we hope - surpasses Guatemala's! The answer is obvious: Free capital from the burdens of taxation now!!


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