Bachmann: No foreign currency

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  • Updated: March 26, 2009 - 1:44 PM

With China having floated the idea of a global reserve currency, Rep. Michele Bachmann proposes a constitutional amendment that would bar the U.S. dollar from being replaced with a foreign currency.

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woodtick57Mar. 26, 09 2:18 PM

Bachmann just doesn't quite get it does she? What a fool.

millgristMar. 26, 09 3:09 PM

Rep. Bachmann wants us "armed and dangerous" in response to Obama Administration budget plans, according to sources posted on ... do we really want to take up arms to solve political questions at this point in our history? Will Rep. Bachmann be more effective in the House toting a gun than her legislative vote?

cmonsonMar. 26, 09 3:29 PM

you must be joking. I think you need to read up on it a bit ( Do you have any idea what we are doing to our dollar right now? We are printing more $ than ever, in hopes that soon more of it will be lent, but also to cover our own debt. Adopting a global currency from an IMF, or UN would mean we would be at the mercy of an even more powerful monetary board. I am in favor of un-pegging our currency as the Int'l reserve currency. It's only a matter of time. Obama/Giethner are attempting to set up the Socialist net that they believe will save us once this happens. But this will only make matters worse, as our $ will be worth little to nothing.

dougdodgeMar. 26, 09 3:52 PM

The morons that re-elected her will live to regret it!

millgristMar. 26, 09 4:04 PM

You're confused. The US currency isn't pegged. It is a free-floating currency. It's value hinges on belief around the world that the US is good on it's debts, and the dollar is a safe place to store value. Oddly enough, in these troubled times, more financial institutions and individuals have rushed to store wealth in dollars. Surely that can change - if we kept doing what Bush did - cut taxes for the rich, spend money off-budget on wars, fail to pay for government expenses, even those very patient Chinese would sour on the dollar as a store of value. Thank goodness we have leadership trying to fix problems left behind when Mr. Bush left office.

ZorakMar. 26, 09 5:42 PM

This woman is either dumber than a sack of rocks or a shameless tool for radio talk show loonies. I honestly can't tell anymore if she means this stuff or she's just posturing.

RyoushiMar. 26, 09 7:19 PM

Crazy as an outhouse rat bachmann is at it again. And to think this moron was put on the finance committee by the repub leadership in the house, which says alot about what a bunch of subgrade morons THEY are.

sorelosermanMar. 26, 0910:07 PM

A global currency has been floated in the press recently and Geithner said he was "open to ideas". If this is not a possibility then the legislation should pass easily...if not, obviously there is another agenda. Why does this woman get your underwear in such a knot??? Such hateful, personal attacks from the "tolerant, caring " left...please try to find some happiness in that very dark, evil place you haters live...

libsridiotsMar. 26, 0910:30 PM

than all you who hate her. That is why she is an elected official, and all you losers are plunking your keyboards.

woodtick57Mar. 26, 0910:43 PM

Is we don't need a Constitutional Amendment for this issue. As usual, Bachmann is throwing out a lot of hyperbole on a non-issue.


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