'Low-cost' generic drugs not cheap for all

  • Article by: DAVID SHAFFER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 2, 2009 - 12:00 PM

Walgreens and some other pharmacies charge more if the government is buying.

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hfnorthMar. 25, 0910:20 PM

and you will not be penalized for being on Medicare Part D. Walmart (and its subsidiary Sam's Club)have the best prices on drugs irrespective of whether you have Medicare and a Medicare Advantage drug plan or not. I've been doing that for two years and I know it costs me AND the government much less money for the identical generic or name brand drugs that Walgreens charges.

scotchlunchMar. 25, 0910:44 PM

Not a bit surprise. A while back Walgreens got caught sending customers letters on behalf of their doctors telling customers they should try various generic drugs because it would save them money. Actually it just made Walgreens more money than their existing prescription...

mikemn59Mar. 25, 0911:06 PM

with more Walgreens across the cities than Target or Walmart, it's often more convenient to pick up a prescription from your 'local walgreens'. But in pretty much every survey, walgreens (along with rival CVS) has higher drug prices than their competitors whether it be generic or name brand drugs. As with any purchase, especially with the expensive wonder drugs of today, it pays to shop around.

hdsteareMar. 25, 0911:06 PM

Uh, stop demonizing Walgreens for acting like a for-profit business. If there was no government welfare/medical care system prices would be lower for everyone. It is managed care by third party payers that drives up costs!

dougdodgeMar. 25, 0911:17 PM

Nevermind. I think I will call her myself, I strongly suggest the rest of you do the same. Lori Swanson's office can be reached at Tel: (651) 296-3353 or 1-800-657-3787 or go to http://www.ag.state.mn.us/Office/ContactUs.asp

her401Mar. 25, 0911:25 PM

Whenever government gets involved ii screws things up. Get government out of healthcare totally.

mgmMar. 25, 0911:35 PM

Pharmacies negotiate the prices with the insurers. This is just another example of OUR representatives not working as hard as the insurance companies. We shouldnt be calling our attorney general for a business making a buck, these companies are not charities. We should be calling our congressmen & tell them to negotiate cheaper prices! But they get big money from the drug companies so why would they do that? No, what they'll do is work to subsidize the costs & drive up prices. Nice work guys! Next they'll all take huge amounts of money from banks & insurance companies for years & years, then when they get do overs in bad economies.

natro220Mar. 25, 0911:41 PM

Why is it people go across town to get milk, gas or eggs for pennies cheaper, but lack the foresight to shop for the best prices for their prescriptions. The pharmacist will gladly tell you how much it will cost you, you don't even have to come in to do it, you can call and they will tell you. You can call 5 different pharmacies, and purchase the one that's the best deal. You wouldn't complain about Best Buy being more expensive than Walmart for a TV, you'd just buy the Walmart TV and know you got a better deal. The same is true for prescriptions now a days.

pkbrandonMar. 25, 0911:42 PM

Actually, in the rest of the industrialized world drug prices are negociated by governments and the prices are lower than they are here. Why do you think that people buy drugs in Canada?

mgmMar. 25, 0911:54 PM

pkbrandon - Well duh! Then why isnt our government doing the same thing? It's because our esteemed money grubbing politicians have a vested interest in keeping prices high.


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