Maroon-and-gold teams collapse in one big black-and-blue heap

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 26, 2009 - 7:19 AM

From volleyball to wrestling to football, the Gophers have offered up a stunning, and bruising, year of repetitious athletic mediocrity.

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coyote7Mar. 25, 09 8:41 PM

Yet another optimistic, feel good column from good 'ole Fat Pat. Does your reflection in the mirror ever smile back at you?

bobcat743Mar. 25, 09 8:42 PM

Right on target - I think the order is about right, too. Nice to see some heat on volleyball and wrestling. Calling Brewster blackie - does that mean the nickname no longer belongs to Sid?

fahningmMar. 25, 09 8:50 PM

not N Iowa

ncl1050Mar. 25, 09 9:05 PM

What would you rather have, the truth or another column about how Joe Mauer is from Saint Paul so we can all feel good about ourselves?

SMandtMar. 25, 09 9:08 PM be a critic, isn't it? This was not a balanced article at all. Sure, there was a trend of Gopher teams running out of breath this year, but labeling all these teams mediocre is ridiculous. Our football team did outperform expectations this year (remember the disaster that was last year?), and our basketball and hockey teams are young and inexperienced, yet talented. How can you say that the women's hockey team ended their season in "repetitious mediocrity"? They were one game away from the championship match with Wisconsin (whom we beat earlier in the year) and ran into a streaking Mercyhurst team. They got the upset, and our season ended, but that doesn't mean they collapsed. Step back and take a better look at the Gophers, Reusse. It's obvious they are your favorite target to criticize when you can't produce anything worth writing about. It's shameful that the Star Tribune actually employs you to publish this drivel.

burnsy15Mar. 25, 09 9:11 PM

are not performing very well. Sure would be nice to see them do better. Maybe the talent level is just not there.

riversonMar. 25, 09 9:12 PM

Do yourselves a favor. Do not read this article. It will only bring you down. This article is not about U of M sports. It is about the decline and fall of sports reporting from this guy. If enough Vikings fans buy his sorry book about the Vikes, maybe he will retire to his favorite greasy grill bar hangout.

tnelsonyMar. 25, 09 9:22 PM

Almost every team he describes was over .500 and made a post season tourney or bowl game. The way college sports are set up is usually lose your last game. Reusse is obsessed with Gopher sports. He thinks it is funny to rip them column after column while giving his beloved Twins a free ride. Worthless journalism.

blasphemerMar. 25, 09 9:47 PM

I have never read truer words on a Strib sports page.

danielt99Mar. 25, 0910:04 PM

As a Gopher Grad, I too am a homer but the facts are the facts.....not a season of Gopher Sports to be proud of.


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