Sid Hartman: Aldrich is avoiding speculation on NBA

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 22, 2009 - 12:16 PM

The Kansas center wants to improve, though he would be a good fit and a local favorite for the Timberwolves.

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norb_55Mar. 21, 09 8:52 PM

Why don't you promote MN sports for once? You are an embarassment to this paper and state! We can only hope the Strib finally fires Sid for his pathetic performance.

lajeauf123Mar. 21, 09 9:18 PM

Come on norb_55 you should know better. Take it easy on Sid. He's got alot of friends who are legends and I know he more than anybody/scribes included, promotes Minnesota athletes. I'm with Sid, I wish all these kids would "stay at home" and it's not Sid's fault if they don't.

mrhankeyMar. 21, 0910:11 PM

With Glen Taylor and Kevin Mchale around, the Wolves are sure to be bad for years to come. Ensuring that they will again be picking in the top five again next. Good luck to the young man, and if Taylor and Mchale are still around, heres hoping that he's lucky enough to be picked by someone else.

vikings2008Mar. 21, 0910:50 PM

We have Love and Jefferson. How many big men can be on the floor at the same time Sid? Backup Center at best.

drainitchMar. 21, 0910:53 PM

What ever happened do Sid's close personal friend George Dohrman?

ronjonMar. 21, 0911:06 PM

Stick to football. Neither Love or Jefferson are true centers.

FirimarMar. 21, 0911:33 PM

the name that should be coming out of the Timberwolves mouths should be Hasheem Thabeet

heldt2Mar. 21, 0911:50 PM

All I can say is it must really be miserable in Minnesota because the most negative human being on the planet reside there. All the hate for an old man doing his best to be a sports journalist. Pathetic. Who else can you find to hate? Oh, that's right, Brewster, McHale, and on and on. No end of targets.

ssej329Mar. 22, 09 8:24 AM

Bill Lester cannot give up the idea of a 900 zillion dollar retractable roof stadium for the Vikings. Would this ever cash flow? What, only 15 thousand tickets sold for this year's huge NCAA regional tournament? Can tractor pulls, high school tournaments, winter college baseball warrant spending this much for a stadium? Plus, now how many of these venues are in other cities providing competition for these big events? To get a stadium passed at the legislature, They need just think like the U of MN with a downscaled, open air, nice, affordable football stadium for the Vikes.

leapinlundyMar. 22, 09 8:58 AM

Don't think so, it's just a product of the times. People who want to spout off, all the time, now have an outlet, internet. I'm originally from Minnesota now living in southern Wisconsin, it's no different here. People whine, piss and moan, about everything, and sports happens to be a topic that we gravitate to. All of us want winners, champions, etc.... And if it doesn't happen we're pissed, and want to play the blame game. Was McHale a bad exec, well yeah, is Chilly a rotten coach, well yeah there too.. Easy to vent with that keyboard in front of you. Plus it makes some people very brave who otherwise wouldn't be. We've become a very pessimistic society, overall...


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