Fodder for the state's sacred cow: Education

  • Article by: LORI STURDEVANT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 22, 2009 - 8:51 AM

Free teachers from one-size-fits-all mandates. Let them innovate. Hold them accountable for the results. Sound familiar?

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ExtramanMar. 21, 09 6:10 PM

to change the broken public education system. Historically, teachers have always shifted blame to everything and everyone but themselves and their union. But, giving them more control AND responsibility might work to change that. As I said in my headline, almost anything is worth a try to get some improvement.

chrondogMar. 22, 09 9:15 AM

and there has been NO improvement. The education system is the problem, better teachers (over half come from MnSCU and 50% were in the bottom of their high school class -that's not our best and brightest). See this's%20Future%20-%20World%20Class%20Schools%20World%20Class%20Jobs.pdf

RipAndersonMar. 22, 0910:07 AM

Lori conveniently "forgot" about the 80s Carter recession.

During the Carter recession unemployment hit 10.8% -- in THIS recession we're more than 20% below that.

During the Carter recession mortgage rates hit a high of 22.9% and many homeowners were happy when they could re-fi down to a 14% mortgage -- during THIS recession, 2 months ago I got a 4.875% fixed 30-year mortgage.

During the Carter recession inflation hit close to 20% -- during THIS recession inflation is minimal.

During the Carter recession we had gas shortages and gas rationing and many times I had to wait in multi-block long lines to get gas, oft-times with the station running out before I got to the station.

During the Carter recession a house a friend wanted built was just a tad out of reach, he didn't quite qualify for the mortgage so he saved up for a year; after one year the price of the house went up 33% jumping from just beyond reach to clear out of sight -- during THIS recession you can buy a new house today for MUCH cheaper than a year ago, with a much cheaper mortgage rate to boot.

No, Lori, this is NOT the "meanest recession since the 30s", not by a long shot.

JerryMusMar. 22, 0910:16 AM

Lets say you are a recent graduate and you are a top student and deciding a career. Do you take a job that after 30 years you might be able to make $75,000, if lucky, and take abuse from students, parents and the public or a job in the public sector making a starting salary of $100,000 to shuffle papers in your cube and attend meetings? It is amazing that we get any good teachers at all.

futuricsMar. 22, 0911:39 AM

burn all the industrial-age "one-size-fits-all traditional schools" to the ground and start acting like it is the 21st Century, not the 19th.

Bill8927Mar. 22, 0911:58 AM

Excellent post. Since Lori said "the meanest recession Minnesota has seen since the 1930s" I'll just add that unemployment in some areas of northern Minnesota was around 15% to 25% in 1981-82. You don't see that today.

ExtramanMar. 22, 09 4:02 PM

but I fear that you are.

RipAndersonMar. 22, 09 4:47 PM

You don't have to be "lucky" you just have to keep showing up. K-12 teacher pay depends on how long you've been there (seat time) and credits (classroom seat time) and not on how good a teacher you are. The MEDIAN St Paul high school teacher gets about $78,000 in compensation ... meaning half get MORE than that.

Then there's the generous inflation-adjusted pensions. Of the kids I went to high school with who became teachers, most retired at least 10 years before I did, and are now collecting more in retirement pay than the maximum they were paid when they were teaching.

RipAndersonMar. 22, 09 4:50 PM

What private sector jobs are offering starting pay of over $100,000? SHOW US THE LINKS TO THE JOB OFFERS ... many college grads would be very interested.

RipAndersonMar. 22, 09 4:52 PM

It is amazing given considering the schools are operating under the oppressive teacher union stranglehold forbidding us from paying a great teacher a dime more than a crappy worthless teacher.


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