Once-secret drug-company records put U on the spot

  • Article by: MAURA LERNER and JANET MOORE , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: March 19, 2009 - 10:10 AM

Documents raise questions about a drug study by U of M psychiatrist S. Charles Schulz. He says there is a "misunderstanding" about the results he reported.

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onehdeagleMar. 18, 0910:10 PM

Just as the ones that were drawing salaries from two universities.

al55354Mar. 18, 0910:15 PM

how much does this guy make from the U and from the drug company, i just find it difficult to believe paid information. someone selling something. how can he give a bias opinion when he is on the payroll. remember the 2 professor from gorgia who were being paid by both universities for some study. the more i read the more i question the U and the practice of business and education. are we getting hosed. do these studies benifit the drug company or the people, we the tax payer are paying a high cost for higher education.

americanusMar. 18, 0910:50 PM

when it comes to psychiatric drugs and their efficacy vs. placebo or preexisting treatment regimens. The expenses that the patient, who going to a "trusted" professional are rarely justified for most cases, and the funny thing is that many of the drugs prescribed for depression are first given to schizos! But, playing on consumer fear and unknowing ignorance, doctors overwhelmingly dole these drugs out like candy without addressing the root causes of ones depression, and the insurance companies like them as well because they are in most cases less expensive than therapy. Be wary of any shrink who charges 200/hr and then goes straight to the pills; try improving your life situation and your relationships with other people first and then see how efficient the pills are from the legalized drug dealers.

wunderdudeMar. 18, 0910:56 PM

We all know what it is - the only thing in question is the price.

srjcolaMar. 18, 0911:02 PM

If he's doing this on UofM time, the UofM/taxpayers should get all of the money and him none.

themammalMar. 18, 0911:14 PM

This article proves that psychiatry and science are scams made up by book-smart liberals to rob us of free will and our money. Sure, this Schulz guy has treated thousands of patients in his career and improves many lives, but this is just a scam! A liberal scam! Like the UN and vaccinations. Plainly, psychiatric medicine is dangerous and provides no benefits. Xenu commands you to stop going to the doctor.

the_vfoxMar. 19, 09 3:27 AM

follow the money.

orpheus90Mar. 19, 09 4:23 AM

Sorry Charlie, looks like you got brought ...

meegwichMar. 19, 09 7:03 AM

It's been said before, truth is for sale and pharma money buys truth, at least at the University of Minnesota. Especially, from the Dept. of Psychiatry. Dr. Cerra does not have it quite right though, the "Psychiatry Department is not just engaged with pharmaceutical industry," their married to it!!! Maybe Dean Powell can give Chuck a pepsi and Chuck can pop her a seroquel.

getlanceMar. 19, 09 7:18 AM

He's wrong when he says "Looking back, I could have said it differently", as he should have stated that "Looking back, I SHOULD have said it differently." Regarding AstraZeneca saying that they "would not reveal the amount it has paid Schulz in consulting and research fees, saying the information is proprietary", this doctor is a public official at the U and we deserve to know exactly what his relationship it to this company, as it appears that he has been hired be their paid shill. We should look into taking Schulz's medical license away, as it appears that he's really a salesperson for AstraZeneca masquerading as a doctor.


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