A baby boomlet, and mama's older

  • Article by: JAMES WALSH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 19, 2009 - 8:42 AM

More babies are being born in Minnesota and across the country than in the 1950s, and more of the new moms are unmarried.

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bwgMar. 18, 09 8:47 PM

Let's forget all about a father helping to raise the kids. Studies show that kids raised by single mothers are far more likely to do poorly in school, and get in trouble with the law. Plus the single motherhood often means that the taxpayers need to help raise the children. Just another bonus that we all have to live with.

johngalt1953Mar. 18, 09 8:52 PM

is the steady decline of the moral standing in the US but also the world. People may not want to believe it but fathers are imperative to proper upbringing for your sons or daughters. They teach sons that it is ok to get angry, but how to deal with that anger. They teach daughters what it's like to be beautiful in a mans eyes without the need to be sexual.

MuffinMan187Mar. 18, 09 9:06 PM

just in case somebody's living under a rock, go to almost ANY high school ANYWHERE in America, and there will always be a pregnant girl... is it the "moral decay of the youth."? no, just people who don't raise their kids themselves, they let the school system, which is already overburdened with so many other issues that they have to impose on students, tell kids that they shouldn't have sex w/o a condom, and that they still shouldn't have sex unless "they are completly in love with the person". how about people quit blaming entertainment and schools and start being parents?!?

mn55066Mar. 18, 09 9:15 PM

Why is anyone surprised? Sure, poor parenting is partly to blame, but even the best parents cannot compete with all the things that influence kids when they are out of the house. No matter what anyone says, mainstream music, television, movies--they all have a negative influence. There is a direct corelation.

ptreyesMar. 18, 09 9:16 PM

Nut case wrote: "What you are witnessing here is the steady decline of the moral standing in the US but also the world." He must be one of the liberal anti-population nuts. Anyway, how could anyone be against little babies?

bwgMar. 18, 09 9:26 PM

A record 39.7 percent of babies in 2007 were born to unmarried women, including 71.6 percent of black babies and 51.3 percent of Hispanic babies, the report found Children in father-absent homes are five times more likely to be poor. In a study of INTERPOL crime statistics of 39 countries, it was found that single parenthood ratios were strongly correlated with violent crimes. This was not true 18 years ago. Compared to living with both parents, living in a single-parent home doubles the risk that a child will suffer physical, emotional, or educational neglect. Researchers at Columbia University found that children living in two-parent household with a poor relationship with their father are 68% more likely to smoke, drink, or use drugs compared to all teens in two-parent households. Teens in single mother households are at a 30% higher risk than those in two-parent households. Fatherless children are twice as likely to drop out of school.

valkyrie11Mar. 18, 09 9:30 PM

This article answers a lot of questions asked as to "Why" a child does this or that or ends up this way or that way in life. Parenting is so important and should never be overlooked. Divorces and single parenting have become so convenient to society today that values and ethics instilled upon the children are taken out of the picture. I take my hat off to all parents who are doing all they can to give the love and care for there kids. These are some confusing times for people.

mommakaMar. 18, 09 9:55 PM

It doesn't really matter as long as the government keeps bailing everyone out. Welcome to Mexico! Babies are not "miracles" people have been having them for thousands of years. The miracle is not having a baby. Whatever. it's over . It doesn't matter. Just pray that chinese leaders keep supporting us, raather than their own people.

ExtramanMar. 18, 0910:08 PM

by Alesha Simmons.

inlandseaMar. 18, 0910:10 PM

There are about 6.8 billion people in the world--about 2/3 more than is the sustainable load this planet can handle. We do not need more people. We need birth control education, birth control distributed for free, and more education for women of all classes and races. When women (especially)are educated and given birth control choices, they improve their own lives and that of their families. Until then, we will keep puncturing the lifeboat of Spaceship Earth. Given the USA and world birthrates, there is no way we can make enough headway to overcome famine, disease, pollution, or poverty. I believe many politicians and religious leaders would rather have The Grim Reaper set population policy rather than taking responsibility for ourselves and making the rational choices to curb the population bomb.


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