Top Republicans encouraging Coleman to press the fight

  • Article by: Manu Raju , Politico
  • Updated: March 17, 2009 - 4:58 PM

As they look ahead at the stakes -- one more Senate seat for the Democrats vs. one more for the GOP -- Republican senators are also looking back at a piece of court history -- Bush vs. Gore and equal protection arguments.

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PIKE1973Mar. 17, 0912:13 PM

Since when did they care about what's best for Minnesota?

jcall1220Mar. 17, 0912:14 PM

The Republicans want to CHEAT again. That's what it is. CHEATING. That seems to be the only thing Rethuglicans know how to do. CHEAT, LIE, STACK THE DECK. Literally every unhanded trick seems to be the only way they know how to win. They know they can't win on their ideas. Look at the results of the last 8 years, and the fallout from their so-called "Permanent Republican Majority". Financial ruin, 2 protracted wars that at the current status have both lasted longer than WWII. National infastructure in shambles, and unemployment reaching disaster status. Those are the results of "Conservative Republican Leadership". They seem to be professionals in the art of Talking Points of Fear, Bumper Sticker Propaganda, Professional Victimhood, and pre-recorded Canned Outrage. They wrap themselves in the flag, wave their Bible in everyone's face, and demand that only through their twisted, myoptic, bigoted ideology can this country be saved, regardless of the fact that nearly every time their ideology is really put to the test, the results are an abject failure. While they claim the ideals of Personal Responsibility, they are the first to blame others for their failings. Look at the Drug Addict, Rush Limbaugh, the National Spokesman for the Republican party. When it was found out that he was illegally purchasing and abusing Drugs, did he accept responsibility, and the legal consequences? No. Instead, he, and his so called "Conservative" allies began pointing fingers at everything EXCEPT the true culprit, the Drug Addict Rush Limbaugh. According to them, it was "The Liberal Media", or it was Bill Clinton, or the best one, it was the housekeeper's fault. I'm sorry, but the proof is in the pudding. Conservative Republicans have proven themselves to be the very worst of the "demons" they claim their ideology can defeat. Norm Coleman and his Legal Team are simply a part of this twisted, hypocritical, and demented ideology.

johnnyonspotMar. 17, 0912:16 PM

Coleman will never ever again be a senator, regardless of how his case ends up. The Dems in the Senate will refuse to seat him if by some miracle he wins this election contest. If he loses but gains a favorable ruling in the SCOTUS, such ruling would could not possibly declare him the winner; its scope would be limited to invalidating the election. As soon as he wins the election contest, and assuming Coleman appeals to the feds, Senator Franken should immediately petition the Minn. Supreme Court for a writ of mandamus requiring Gov. numbnuts to sign an election certificate. If numbnuts refuses, then the court should order him jailed for contempt of court.

tanstaafl13Mar. 17, 0912:20 PM

It's time Mr. Reid to seat Senator Franken. If the Republicants attempt a filibuster, then perhaps it's time to revise the rules of filibuster and cloture. Can't think of a better reason to toss out the Republicant's only tool. A tool that they are using to obstruct.

jackfrost651Mar. 17, 0912:21 PM

Great Job Norm! Keep up the Good Fight!!!

sueinmnMar. 17, 0912:23 PM

Coleman it is time to leave Minnesota and don't look back. We don't want you as Senator and we don't want you as Governor! Political positioning from your buddy's who need to begin looking at their own self preservation these days.

jtwildeMar. 17, 0912:28 PM

I remeber shorlty aftter elections day te whne in look like Coleman had won the seat he siad in a new conferacne the Franklin so bow out not hold for extra vote, but now that Colemen behind still by 225 votes, don't you thin he should take his own advise and bow out.

omzes1Mar. 17, 0912:42 PM

What does Timmy do when he is presented with a an election Certificate authorized by the Minnesota Supreme Court? He can sign it as preferred by the majority of Minnesotans, or placate the GOP Washington establishment. Today's comments by Republican senators do make clear their idea of "good government"...Sure!!

millgristMar. 17, 0912:49 PM

Just more evidence of Republican moral bankruptcy. They seek to obstruct while our nation is at war in Iraq and Afghanistan while the entire global economy is in peril and getting worse. Republicans have forfeited any right to participate in governing. I suggest that every Republican in Congress should immediately resign. That would remove one large obstacle as our government scrambles to keep together a country and economy nearly destroyed by the Republican Bush Administration

ies0716Mar. 17, 0912:54 PM

Does anyone think that Franken would bow out quietly if the situation were reversed? This isn't a second grade spelling bee; it's a U.S. Senate race for control of a crucial seat. The race was extremely close, some of the recount practices were suspect, and no one knows what the courts will rule. I say they both on keep fighting until someone (i.e. the U.S. Supreme Court and/or the U.S. Senate) tells them to stop. The stakes involved (for either party) demand no less.


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