Senate recount trial: Now it's up to the judges

  • Article by: PAT DOYLE and , KEVIN DUCHSCHERE
  • Updated: March 14, 2009 - 7:32 AM

They haven't said when they'll rule, but don't hold your breath for a conclusion.

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lmixxMar. 13, 0911:07 AM

'Nuff Said!

gjacobMar. 13, 0911:15 AM

Norm actually won, Larry Craig is actually not gay, Bachmann was actually misquoted. I guess the elite liberal media just cannot report the truth

yvesbabetteMar. 13, 0911:17 AM

Congratulations to Senator Franken. Now let's get this country moving again!

memorylaneMar. 13, 0911:17 AM

Yes, I know that you will drag this out for years if necessary. You only think of yourself and not the citizens of Minnesota. You have served 6 years. Yes, you seek a "lifetime" in the Senate; But, I hope and pray that you don't.

johnsmith9Mar. 13, 0911:29 AM

Norm Coleman has shown total disregard towards his donors. Coleman has been negligent, and possibly violated Minnesota laws.

Here's what one donor, who contributed $100 to Coleman online, has to say about Coleman's negligence, as reported by the Pioneer Press:

I'm in IT security for a bank, and I can tell you that this is so ... irresponsible that I can't believe it.
The Attorney General of Minnesota should open an investigation of Norm Coleman and his campaign for failure to comply with Minnesota laws concerning the storage and retention of credit card information.

bttmfdrMar. 13, 0911:56 AM

The percentage of people from Minnesota who contributed to Norm Coleman's fund and released through recently. Don't trust my numbers, check it out for yourself..... 1,835 out of 4720. Quite interesting stuff....

misternMar. 13, 0912:01 PM

That the ballots they want counted should be counted just because 99% of ballots are valid. Coleman's claim is that since most ballots are valid, the courts should PRESUME that all ballots are valid. Even without direct proof. Even without registration cards. Even without Absentee Request forms. These guys are INSANE! Everything Franken's lawyers have been saying about their evidence on their 1350 ballots is true. They DO NOT HAVE THE EVIDENCE!! And now in court they just admitted it, and they want them counted anyways. Unbelievable. I can't believe Coleman would screw with his supporters like this. Running their hopes up by claiming they have 1350 ballots that should be counted, and then in the final hour admit they DON'T have the proof on these 1350 ballots.

LoieJMar. 13, 0912:13 PM

Coleman was a decent senator. He was/is a bad campaigner. An incumbent is supposed to win easily, even with GWB on his back, but Norm brought himself down and revealed his nasty side first, then his whiny side [the second group of ads were sort of like, "I just can't understand why anybody would vote for somebody else but me."] Now he and his lawyers change their tactics to drag this thing out longer. If he appeals, even the independents will lose respect for him. Get over it Norm. It is more important for us to have two senators than for YOU to win. And I'm not saying that Franken ran a campaign of roses either.

thinkaboutitMar. 13, 0912:22 PM

Norm is providing his own version of a lawyer bailout. He must think the lawsuit industry needs financial help. I voted for him and thought he should have hung up his boots after the official recount. Now his is just whining.

vicmcklockyMar. 13, 0912:34 PM

What...does the STRIB only allow so many points of view challenging the extreme radical left that overwhelm these sites? Oh well, I guess the rest of us will just have to "wait our turn". The problem is, the Red Star will be out of business before any of us get the opportunity to post on these subjects.


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