Obama: 'The buck stops with me'

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 11, 2009 - 10:09 PM
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callmesnakeMar. 11, 0910:44 PM

Say no to socialism comrade Hussein.

jchilman12Mar. 12, 0912:03 AM

How refreshing it is to hear someone apologize and take accountability... we don't really want someone to fix it, just to say sorry...

granma4peaceMar. 12, 0912:15 AM

clearly, in coherent sentences, with no smirking or sniggering. What a refreshing change from the last 8 years. Nobody knows how successful his efforts to rescue the economy will be and the Party of No is doing it's best to see that he fails, but, if I had any money, it would be on Obama. The Repubs are out of ideas and out of leaders, except for Limbaugh, tax evader Palin and wimpy Michael Steele. And what a pathetic trio they are.

armbarMar. 12, 0912:34 AM

You have GOT to be kidding me. "clearly, in coherent sentences, with no smirking or sniggering" is how he reads from teleprompters. If he has to speak freely he mumbles and stutters like an 80-year old with Alzheimer's. And your comment about putting money on Obama if you had any is a bit ironic at the moment, isn't it? Don't worry though, your savior will send you some of the rich folks' money to use. Good job on calling Palin a tax evader too, by the way. Shall we start a list of Obama's appointees who are tax evaders as well? (This includes the person who will be COLLECTING the taxes for Comrade Obama.)

johngalt1953Mar. 12, 0912:35 AM

I wouldn't talk about tax evasion right now. Your party is full of them. As for speaking coherently, your joking right. The guy who can't speak without a teleprompter nearby. By the way your party is also out of leaders unless you want to claim Pelosi, Reid and Obama. Neither of the three have enough gray matter to fill a test tube.

armbarMar. 12, 0912:38 AM

But I'll say it again, just to keep things clear. Just because I'm against about 99.9999% of things Obama has done or will/wants to do, doesn't make me a Republican. Remember, there are more than 2 parties in this country, contrary to what both of them want you to think.

johngalt1953Mar. 12, 0912:39 AM

you don't get out of hole by digging deeper douchehead. It's a net loss. Spending money we don't have only prolongs the pain.

noggnbloggnMar. 12, 0912:50 AM

THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE of what is wrong with public discourse today. You have already been dissed (quite well!), and you deserve it. But actually, your comment is fine in that you are entitled to it, but it shows what a small- minded person you are, just repeating talking points that you hear other's say. What is it with people now days -- can't anybody think for themselves? You sound like a little kid on the playground calling everyone names and lumping everyone into groups, like the Limbaugh-people, and the like. What is wrong with you? Pathetic is right (your comment, not you)! I envision that you are really some 15-yr-old "flamer", just trying to get a rise out of folks. Just go away, until you have an original thought please.

pubnafMar. 12, 09 4:42 AM

Harry Reid and Pinhead Pelosi run over the MESSIAH all the time. When is the last time he said no?

SQUAD51Mar. 12, 09 5:52 AM

The glass was over half full??? He should drink more water.


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