Franken, in D.C., says he sees 'light at the end of the tunnel'

  • Article by: KEVIN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 10, 2009 - 6:06 PM

While in Washington for meetings, the candidate briefed fellow Democrats on his contest with Republican Norm Coleman.

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atoonceMar. 10, 09 1:04 PM

It's only a matter of time, the sooner the better.

jake1964Mar. 10, 09 1:17 PM

Maybe he's working on his stand-up routine for the podium in Congress. I wonder if he will be as "passionate" and "dramatic" as Wellstone was as he will be carrying Wellstone's "torch."

BrettallicaMar. 10, 09 1:24 PM

There hasn't been much (any?) real news on this darn trial in weeks. Wake me when Al (or Norm) is seated...

johnnyonspotMar. 10, 09 1:29 PM

What a relief. Its such a shame that Norm Horseteeth Coleman was ever allowed to sully Wellstone's seat. Coleman is a mere shadow of the man that Wellstone was, and Franken is. Can't wait to vote for Franken again in 2014!

slinger2Mar. 10, 09 1:34 PM

Is the G.O.P. flaming out!

kraigalanMar. 10, 09 1:34 PM

As the trial continues, Franken was invited to brief the senate on the trial. There's no comedy act in this great election. Another winner leads former senator Republican Norm Coleman in a election. The ballots are being inspected while Coleman did not want this after the election, and there going against him. Well, hopefully he sees his colors are fading away. He has no life here in Minnesota anymore. His neighbors are not for him either. His fishing trip and circus routine in trial is coming to an end.

johnnyonspotMar. 10, 09 1:37 PM

Really? Liberals don't work? The how did Warren Buffett become the world's richest man? Where did RT Rybak make his money, if he did not work? The fact of the matter is that there are more rural, ignorant, right wingers going to the food shelf and being a drag on society than Liberals. I used to work in a rural town and my office was next door to the local food shelf. Imagine my shock to see all those rusty beaters pulling up every day, nearly all festooned with Bush/Cheney stickers. Like I say, there are two types of Republicans: the rich and the stupid. The rich, i.e., those who run the GOP, have been exploiting your type--the ignorants and stupids--for decades by playing to unfounded racial, ethnic and socioeconomic fears and then... delivering nothing, not even a living wage. So you fools get what you deserve. You all need to get over the fact that we, the Liberal Progressives, won the election and control government. We won! You lost! Now run along.

mnrob32Mar. 10, 09 1:45 PM

You have to know he'll follow strict party line voting. The more liberal the cause the better. (Well as long as doesnt affect him and Frannie)

sanddogMar. 10, 09 1:45 PM

The next time you think it's clever and happenin' and all to call someone an "idiot," you might want to do a little self-reflection first, and understand that there is no such word as "themself."

twnctyguyMar. 10, 09 1:46 PM

Geesh, I'm so sick of you Republicans making childish comments about how you're the only ones who actually work and the rest of us (Democrats) are living off of you. FACT: Blue states enjoy the highest median income. FACT: Red states take disproportionately MORE money than is paid to the Federal Government. Of course, we realize that you're all allergic to facts. Of course, it's kind of fun to sit back and see what's become of the GOP...a universally loathed coke-addict failure of an ex-president, a dopey Moose-hunting Barbie doll from Alaska, a fat drug-addicted radio court jester, and a nasty mini-skirted blonde of dubious sexual identity. I guess this is the new "hip-hop" GOP for 2009...LOL!


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