Minus Birk, only thing Vikings will kick is themselves

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 5, 2009 - 3:34 PM
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SMedinMar. 4, 09 9:12 PM

The Vikes, and their fans, are screwed.

glenne81Mar. 4, 09 9:20 PM

I Love Matt Birk. But,,,,,,being a season ticket holder and a lifelong fan,,,,there is no question his skills have begun to diminish,,,,,sad to see him go,,,,but,,,,not worth 6 to 12 Mil,,,,,i guessing there will be a relatively seemless transition with sully or cook ( a Natural center)

justsandmannMar. 4, 09 9:22 PM

Childress is an ass of a coach.

waustin1Mar. 4, 09 9:26 PM

Anyone who listened to Birk's interview on KFAN after the Philly game knows that Matt wanted more than anything to keep playing for the Vikes. Is he the best center in the league anymore? No, he is not. But he's (at worst) still in the top 15 at his position. Chilly's statement about Birk "wanting a change of scenery" was utter BS. Childress is an egomaniac who thinks he's smarter than everyone else, and he was threatened by Birk's Ivy League brain. ZYGMUNT, you have proven you will spend the money to build a winner, and you've got good business sense. It's time to admit you made a mistake in hiring Chilly and cut him loose. Parcells, Jimmy Johnson, and Bill Belichick are all arrogant egomaniacs, but they all could/can coach. Childress is a petty, arrogant egomaniac and he cannot coach.

dartanionMar. 4, 09 9:29 PM

I can't agree more about the loss of Birk. His performance may have dropped off some, but he is still one of the best in the league. So far the only thing Chili has done for the offense this off-season is make it worse. Letting Birk leave. Signing Rosenfels, which led to TJ signing with Seattle. Also no movement towards signing a FA RT, CB, or return specialist. Letting Birk leave took one of the best OL in the league to a middle of the pack OL. Maybe Cook can actually play center. He has been nothing more than an impostor of an RT. Sullivan is hardly ready to fill Birk's shoes, but what other options do we have? McKinnie is an underachiever, however he is one of the better LTs. He isn't stellar, but is solid. He is a troublemaker, and I don't like that about him, however he gets the job done pretty well on the field.

sinks88Mar. 4, 09 9:37 PM

I dont care what anybody says about his diminishing stats or play...he was a true red-blooded, shoot straight, you get what you see kind of guy, his generosity to the community and people around him, will not be matched. I feel proud to have cheered for him in his years here and I am sad to see that this franchise has let this man part ways with the Vikings...Good luck Birk. You dont have to go to Harvard to figure out where this franchise is going.

ShanePaulsonMar. 4, 09 9:41 PM

A healthy Birk is better than an inept head coach. Reading Chilly's statement makes me irate. How many more top recievers need to spurn the Vikes due to inept QB aquisions before Wilf will be a man & can Childress?

tterbMar. 4, 09 9:47 PM

Out west!!!!!

tryanmMar. 4, 09 9:47 PM

Birk was a good guy and a good player but why do all these athletes think they are worth so much? Do they think they are above all other people? They need it to make ends meet or to take care of their family? Sad....and even sader that we support it during these times. Wonder what they will do when people can't afford to go to games and their salarys are not met? PS - Good guys have been missing blocking assignments the last two years. Who cares if he's from MN....he didn't.... why should fans or the organization? Happy to see us move on.

kenb463Mar. 4, 09 9:48 PM

I know for a fact that he dislikes Childress and he doesn't think much of Tarvaris Jackson. I think this is a smart move by the Vikings. There is a great Center available in the draft out of Oregon. If he is available, the Vikins will take him. The Vikings should sign Mark Tausher, if possible, from Green Bay. No more penalties at the right tackle position. Tausher has never been called for a false start in his eight-year career. He has only been called for holding once, and that was supposed to be called on the guard. Smart move by Vikings Management. Way to go. Get younger.


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