Minneapolis wants out of desegregation school district

  • Article by: NORMAN DRAPER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 23, 2009 - 11:51 PM

Some fear that a pullout by Minneapolis schools could spell the end of the West Metro Education Program.

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streets55Feb. 23, 09 8:36 PM

Since the achievement gap has not closed since 1989, it is time to try something new to solve the problem. Saving 3M annualy against a deficit of 28M must be addressed. Now, before you bash my opinion, I'm for trying something new to address the achievement gap. But remember the definition of insanity is repeating the same action and expecting a different outcome.

savagedruidsFeb. 23, 09 8:50 PM

and home is where the gap will be closed, not at school.

bigman1000Feb. 23, 09 9:37 PM


RipAndersonFeb. 23, 09 9:43 PM

So now they FINALLY see the light.

gflem62Feb. 23, 09 9:52 PM

Dr. Green, please tell all those concerned how Minneapolis will serve the Minneapolis students currently attending FAIR and IDDS? Will you guarantee that the "savings" you hope to realize will translate to quality educational programming (teaching) for these students? Will Minneapolis schools do any better at closing the achievement gap? Data from the MN Dept. of Education (which you reviewed at a recent WMEP Board meeting)suggests that both the FAIR and IDDS schools are significantly outperforming Minneapolis schools. You owe it to your constituents, in fact, to the greater metro area, to articulate how this decision will positively impact students. We're waiting and watching...

starkweatherFeb. 23, 0910:06 PM

Dr. Green stopped the last WMEP school board meeting just to give his support to the WMEP magnet schools, especially FAIR (which has made drastic steps in eliminating the racial achievement gap, and whose students of color out-perform their white counterparts across the state), and to say that he didn't want to do anything to change the two schools. I guess that WAS about two weeks ago, so I'm sure he didn't know at the time that he was going to announce he was going to try to pull Minneapolis out of WMEP. He claims to understand the "firestorm" this was going to cause among WMEP parents. I don't think he really does. We were just getting started in the last few months, and won't take this sitting down, especially for reasons as asinine as those that he is giving.

edburke1Feb. 23, 0910:08 PM

A kid with an 85 IQ will not have any more or less potential whether he is in a classroom in Gary, Minneapolis, Wayzata or Fargo. Our welfare system does not attract the upper part of the nonwhite bell curve. And if diversity important why is it always the black-white achievement gap that needs to be closed. Why not something more realistic like the black-Hispanic gap? Or black-Asian gap (Oops! Bad example - even worse than the black white gap)? Notice they mention 'voluntary desegregation' isn't working. That means plans are in the works to go back thirty years to the involunary system that only resulted in schools intentionally being destroyed because they were mostly white and functional. I bet Myron Orfield is already on the case.

wunderdudeFeb. 23, 0910:12 PM

Hats off to Green for doing the right thing. Time to stick a fork in this ineffective bureaucracy.

starkweatherFeb. 23, 0910:36 PM

wunderdude.... "an unmitigated failure by any measure?" Funny you should say that, because, according to FAIR's website, Fair was named as a top 6 magnet school in the country.... " FAIR School has been recognized in the U.S. Department of Education Innovations in Education Guide for Creating and Sustaining Successful K-8 Magnet Schools. The guide highlights six schools nationally that show evidence of strong academic achievement as well as success in reducing minority group isolation for at least four consecutive years." But that's just the Department of Education... I guess that, after what must have been some exhaustive work, they found SOME measure's by which WMEP was not an unmitigated disaster.

toddorunoFeb. 23, 0910:53 PM

I still have a problem with the idea, that just taking a minority kid and having them sit next to a white kid, while simultaneously saying the white kids culture is no better than the other kids, is an answer to anything. We are wasting money on the bus. We are wasting money on administrators, counselors, data entree people etc. Spend the money on the best teachers, focus on those who actually want to learn. All the other stuff is such a huge drain on resources


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