Franken suggests review of 1,585 absentee ballots

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  • Updated: February 21, 2009 - 6:47 PM
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dariverFeb. 21, 09 5:49 PM

Good thing because all our votes should count. What is Coleman hiding anyway?

bhigs54Feb. 21, 09 6:09 PM

I am so flipping sick of this matter!Kick them both out and hire the former Gov if IL.

clelFeb. 21, 09 6:12 PM

Normie Boy couldn't be elected dog catcher after the way he and his lawyers are behaving. They are using every kind of stall tactics to keep Minn. from being represented by two "elected" Senators. Grow up, child.

sfccarrierFeb. 21, 09 6:24 PM

This is the first time in history that a state has conducted the most thorough and accurate recount of an election possible with an error rate of 99.99% (1 in 10,000) and not be satisfied with the result. Don't forget the margin in the 2000 presidential race between Bush and Gore had dropped to 271 when the US Supreme Court stepped in and stopped the counting. Ginsburg managed to step in, throw every vote in the U.S., over a 100 million of them, in the trash can, and replace them with one woman's vote, Sandra Day O'Conner, in a 5-4 Supreme Court decison. Now he is performing the same slight of hand in Minnesota and throwing 3 million Minnesota votes in the trash can. The appeals will continue until it reaches the U.S. Supreme Court where the 5-4 margin still exists. That will probably be sometime in 2010. In the meantime, Minnesota drowns in the financial tsunami hitting the nation with only one senator trying to help the state. Now the perfect recount has morphed into Minnesota 2008 becoming Florida 2000 or its twin sister.

mnhusker4Feb. 21, 09 6:32 PM

It's the only way to solve this mess. Keep ACORN and Ritchie out of the runoff and we will have a fair election.

aonanodadFeb. 21, 09 6:36 PM

Team Franken suggests 1,585 ballots that should be opened and counted, half of which are on Team Coleman's list.

So why not do a Mn Supreme Court alla Solomon decision and count all the ballots that both campaigns agree too - 793 ballots.

What was that? ... You mean even if Coleman agrees to it and they have a stipulated order signed by all the judges, then they will change their mind later and STILL appeal to the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, blocking seating Franken in the interim?

Oh... Never mind.

blondbadoFeb. 21, 09 7:06 PM

Let's pray that Norm contests this to the bitter end so that we do not end up with the freak-of-nature FrankenSTEIN as a Minnesota senator. We don't need another embarrassment of an elected public official...we already are too well-known for Jesse. I'd rather have no senator in the seat than FrankenSTEIN.

BucklawFeb. 21, 09 7:06 PM

The US Supreme Court is Coleman's ultimate goal so let's get to it. My guess is the United States Supreme Court will be less tolerant of the Coleman team's flip flops and call the question on poor Norm.

This really is a remarkable demonstration of manipulative hypocrisy on the part of Coleman and the Republican Party. It is quite obvious that they are working the system to undermine Franken's credibility and to disenfranchise Minnesota for the Republican's political motives. I am surprised this is not a bigger national story. It is absolutely corrupt and in plain site.

danielfbooneFeb. 21, 09 7:06 PM

Kudos to Franken for making a classy offer, but in truth, it's like giving the other team a 2nd chance to kick a game winning field goal from 75 yards out with a severe cross wind.....

boborkelliFeb. 21, 09 7:12 PM

I prefer a single honestly elected senator to having two senators where one's election in highly suspect. You can fill in either candidate in the highly suspect category. Let's have a will be worth the money because it won't be close.


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