Rhetoric over Senate trial gets angrier

  • Article by: KEVIN DUCHSCHERE and PAT DOYLE , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: February 20, 2009 - 9:48 PM

Norm Coleman's legal team says judges allowed in illegal votes. Al Franken's lawyers say their foes are shifting focus to their appeal.

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tfaverFeb. 20, 0910:55 AM


bigal1948Feb. 20, 0911:00 AM

Mr. Coleman seems to be following the strategy of going back on agreements he made whenever he wants. I clearly think this is not the type of person we would want in the Senate or even as a person cleaning up after a parade. Hopefully we will see the court finally say enough is enough.

landolakes99Feb. 20, 0911:03 AM

Can this please END already!!! I can't believe it has gone on this long and we only have one Senator....

miketpaFeb. 20, 0911:04 AM

I am just glad it is not my state this time...because as bad as you budget is in MN, Coleman dragging this out is not making it better. I bet MN has spend 5 million dollars already, and still counting....

mchlvrsnFeb. 20, 0911:05 AM

What total hipocrites!! They agreed to include these ballots during the canvassing review. Have they no shame at all?? This is even getting a little extreme by Norm's usual two-faced M.O. I hope Coleman loses so much credibility with the judges that the court throws this entire (unwarranted according to Norm himself as per his first post - election comments... Oh... but he has changed that stance, too) case out.

wordupFeb. 20, 0911:05 AM

I am sick and tired of the Republican Parties stall tactics to delay our voice from being represented in the Senate. Gross Old Pigs Can't win at the ballot box? Sue! Wow Republican's your so concerned with tort reform when it's your fat cat companies being sued for malpractice or product liability. Where is your outrage on this clear missuse of our Judical System to subvert a democratically elected Senator? Typical Republican behaviour. Do as I say! Not as I do! Go away Norman. Please take the Republican party with you.

yvesbabetteFeb. 20, 0911:05 AM

And that's exactly the problem for Coleman's lawyers: they have "reversed" their position so many time since the election challenges began, they have now taken every different side of every different argument in front of one court or another. It will finally reach the point where the judges will just shut them down as having no more possible opposite angles to argue. Game over, swear in Senator Franken. And good luck to him. Let's get this country moving again!

carpybaconFeb. 20, 0911:06 AM

There is no honor. Franken has about faced but, Coleman does it daily. I personally wouldn't have liked to see Coleman win but could go about my daily grind and live with it. This letigious display makes me cringe. Coleman doesn't go on Meet the Press, Face the Nation etc. he instead chooses FOX's Hannity. Coleman shows he wasn't speaking to all Minnesotan's but a demographic. Hannity a "Great American"? Pah-leez! Norm. Norm. Norm, there's something on your nose...

kumquatFeb. 20, 0911:06 AM

You are making such a name for yourself and not in a good way. Give it up already! Let someone else be Senator. As far as I am concerned, you are mentally unstable. Get a life!

jbkp4582Feb. 20, 0911:07 AM

even if that means destroying the little credibility he had left; you may disagree with Franken on politics or even his behavior in the past, but this isn't the type of leadership I want representing me. The fact of the matter is, he is pulling every trick in the book to keep Al Franken out of the Senate not because he thinks he honestly has a shot at winning this, but to prevent another Democratic vote in the US Senate. He is taking his frustrations and the frustrations of his party out on Minnesota and that's just not right-as far as I'm concerned, he is done in Minnesota.


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