Carver County's handling of absentee ballots a focus of Coleman's argument

  • Article by: PAT DOYLE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 18, 2009 - 8:12 AM

A stricter standard for witness signatures disenfranchised voters, the campaign says. Franken's team says Coleman's argument is laying ground for a likely appeal.

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wicket1234Feb. 17, 09 1:44 PM


stpaul111Feb. 17, 09 1:54 PM

Once they decide which COULD be counted, why don't they count them all in secret to see if there's even a chance Norm could overturn the election?? For all we know, the number of ballots Franken won by will increase!!

leftisrightFeb. 17, 09 1:57 PM

That'll take care of your uh, problem, I'd bet.

snowconeFeb. 17, 09 1:58 PM

I think that Star Tribune should publicly endorse Al Franken as the winner of the election. It has gone on far too long, and it is time we seat Senator Franken in his proper place.

theexiledoneFeb. 17, 09 1:58 PM

This is going to be over soon.

ybegoodFeb. 17, 09 1:59 PM

I like many across the US who have followed Franken know what an intelligent upstanding person he is. That is why he has sooo much support across the US. If you had read any of his books you would know he ALWAYS states his sources, often he even prints the actual pages that contain and prove the lies that people like Coulter and O'Reilly spew. There is no disputing what he writes bc the proof is right there. In addition to that he has a group of Harvard graduate students researching all claims he hears regarding the insanity of the right. Al Franken would be a respectable replacement for the Honorable Paul Wellstone, which your state shamefully replaced with the Coleman via the Bush machine. People across the country like myself applaud your pick of Al Franken. Keep on giving us exciting diverse politicians. We forgive you for Coleman.

privateeyeFeb. 17, 09 2:03 PM

This fiasco gives you a better appreciation for Al Gore dropping litigation to save the country from a prolonged trial after 2000. Had he not, we may have still been dealing with Bush V Gore 2000.

bsdcnnewFeb. 17, 09 2:12 PM

The three judges and their assistants should review all 14,000+ questionable absentee ballots. The two campaigns should not be allowed to participate in determining which ballots to count. They should not be able to analyze the ballots using computer analysis to determine in advance whether the voter might have sided with their candidate. This is like letting the fox in the henhouse. If all disputed ballots are not reviewed by the same group of judges, the loser will appeal and appeal and appeal. And the election will still be undecided at this time NEXT year. Review all 14,000+ ballots -- by the exact same standards, in a non-partisan atmosphere which EXCLUDES the candidates and their computers -- and end this election.

shockdaddydFeb. 17, 09 2:23 PM

Given what monies are going into this trial, would we save money and be better served by just having the election again?

omzes1Feb. 17, 09 2:25 PM

Norm Coleman could have embraced a recount strategy that afforded him his deserved reasonable opportunity to recount, along with seeing that Minnesota constituents are given the consideration he owes them as a former Senator.He chose a direction meant only to satisfy his selfish interests, and the "unpartisans" in Washington; without a teaspoon of concern about the country's crisis. Minnesota deserves better. I don't want to hear anything from Colemanites about good government. Is that how you say thank you Norm , to those who elected you?


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