Coleman asks court to reconsider ruling on rejected ballots

  • Article by: PAT DOYLE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 16, 2009 - 10:57 PM

Coleman attorneys said that some of the ballots accepted in the state's recount may resemble other ballots that were barred from being counted in a court ruling on Friday.

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attendFeb. 16, 0910:20 AM

Save us the money, Norman

MikecGrimesFeb. 16, 0910:23 AM

Wow Alan you sure know how to make sure you don't win reelection if you should happen to win. 41.99% with the ego of someone who won be a meaningful margin. No matter what happens the vast majority of voters didn't support him, every day he and for that matter Norm don't serve is a blessing.

scotty77Feb. 16, 0910:27 AM

At least then we will know for sure it is a circus and they can charge admission.

sunshine123Feb. 16, 0910:30 AM

just as Coleman is "Former Senator" how could anyone find it offensive to use the correct terms. Hopefully the Supreme Court will weigh in soon and we can drop the "elect" and just refer to him properly as Senator Franken. The GOP knows this, it's just whateve they can do to delay the inevitable. Hopefully the MNSC can see that and act accordingly and in accordance to precedent of the US Senate by seating our Senator appropriately (and it's too late to say "timely" but .... soon would help end this charade)

johnnyonspotFeb. 16, 0910:31 AM

Let's get this farce over, send Norm home, and get our new senator, Al Franken, seated in D.C. so he can start doing the People's business. An end to the trash talking from the lawyers would be good too. I don't care how much they say this order favored them or not, the only thing that can favor either is a final ruling from the court. So until that comes down, stop the handicapping. This is not the Super Bowl.

memorylaneFeb. 16, 0910:32 AM

Who cars? We aren't paying for it.

securpoFeb. 16, 0910:38 AM

Let's hope that it does not soon read: "U.S. Senate trial, day 1,116.

securpoFeb. 16, 0910:38 AM

Today it reads: "U.S. Senate trial, day 16" Let's hope that it does not soon read: "U.S. Senate trial, day 1,116."

mn_cameraFeb. 16, 0910:50 AM

He's cited as saying that they want to keep going on this "however long it takes" - meaning he wants to delay seating a rightfully elected Senator as a stalling tactic. Cornyn, it should be remembered, is the abysmal excuse for a human being that said, in the Senate, that he understood how people could be moved to violence against the judiciary - thus excusing that sort of terrorism, when it suits his purposes. Norman, you really could stand a better class of supporters, although what can we really expect from a crooked philanderer such as you?

boyrat99Feb. 16, 0910:53 AM

The comment by MikecGrimes makes no sense. If a person recieves more votes than anyone, even one more, they would be senator elect, whether or not the margin is very small. The point that it is only 41% or so doesn't matter.


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