Jim Souhan: Time for Twins front office to get in game

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 15, 2009 - 11:58 AM

Bill Smith and Co. have done little to improve obvious weaknesses.

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smacktalk88Feb. 14, 09 9:11 PM

is completely uncalled for. Im like phelps in a certain way and I could be a great twins prez. I would have signed crede and orlando cabrera.

bksupremeFeb. 14, 09 9:19 PM

The munchies comment was spot on and also frickin' hilarious....aaaaand one!

joe12packFeb. 14, 09 9:27 PM

Another professional sports team in MN hamstrung by a GM's lack of productivity. I think he and Doug Risebrough are in cahoots. Is Batista still available?

jrpieper17Feb. 14, 09 9:28 PM


truthinloveFeb. 14, 09 9:47 PM

This team needs to create some excitement about the upcoming season. Signing Punto was just the opposite...boring!! YAWN!!! Heck, I would even take Barry Bonds signed as DH...and that would be horrible...but exciting.

jody12Feb. 14, 09 9:57 PM

Try this...Don't go to the games. If the organization refuses to put the pieces in place and go on the cheap that is what they deserve.

sawdustkingFeb. 14, 0910:18 PM

I'd rather see them pocket the money this year so next off-season they won't have to trade away any of their arbitration eligible players and maybe even sign Mauer to an extension.

jhawk90Feb. 14, 0910:19 PM

There are at last count roughly 167.4 million reasons (the Twins stadium share) why they cut payroll at the deadline in '07, didn't go for the jugular in '08 when the division was gift-wrapped for them and made excuses all winter long why they didn't solve any problems for '09. They made up anywhere from 30-50 million of those reasons in '08, expect more for '09. That's your thank you for the best attendance since '92 and nearly 400 mil for a stadium. At the very least Mauer should be extended, but business first Twins fans, business first.

JerryNodakFeb. 14, 0910:22 PM

Sorry, but I agree with the front office. There hasn't been one name mentioned/rumored in trade talk this winter who was worth Span (or another OF) plus Blackburn (or another SP) plus a top level prospect. Now Crede I would like to have playing 3rd base IF he can be had for less than a base salary of 7 mil with incentives pushing it to around 11 mil for 1 year.

simondsFeb. 14, 0910:33 PM

jrpieper17 is wonderfully eloquent. Make a deal because you have the cash? Sign a player as a sign of life? The Twins haven't gotten to where they are now because of sheer luck. They will sign players but only on their terms...they won't sign JOE FRICKIN CREDE for 8 million dollars plus incentives because they are SMART. The money they're saving now won't just go away. Money saved now is money saved down the road. So piss off when you demand a move be done just so you can go rah rah-ing about how the Twins will be THA GREATEST TEAM EVAH if they sign a free agent. Do you actually think adding Joe Crede will make the slightest bit of difference towards the goal of winning a world series?? DO YOU??? If he signs a two year deal with the Twins then in 6 months you will all be bemoaning the Twins for only signing Lamb/Everett type free agents. Those of you who think the Twins need to make a move to be in the post-season will all be eating your words in late September.


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