Minnesota charter schools are in for a change

  • Article by: SARAH LEMAGIE and NORMAN DRAPER , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: February 7, 2009 - 10:54 AM

As interest in the independently run but publicly funded schools explodes, so does legislators' desire to monitor them more closely.

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wakemakerFeb. 6, 0910:06 PM

just what we need, more government oversight in our schools.

hellomattFeb. 6, 0910:33 PM

public schools are funded by the government. The government is, supposedly, run by the people. Should we just continue giving away public money to whomever wants to start a school?

minncitizenFeb. 6, 0910:55 PM

Wakemaker, I think you must have gotten out of bed on the wrong side this morning. The charter schools are funded with tax dollars and, believe me, they need more oversight. Some charter school management have run off with funds, wasted money, done a lousy job, try to impose personal religious beliefs on students, etc. Wouldn't it be great if we could trust managers?

KarenVikingsFeb. 6, 0910:55 PM

the need to make sure the schools have the resources to manage the money. So much work and money goes into a school and I don't want to see a good school fail because they can't handle the cash. However when you starting talking about having the district school board approve things like budget and curriculum the whole reason for having a charter school is defeated. They're supposed to be different than district school. I'm sending my son to a charter, if I wanted the district to approve everything he would go do the district for his education. A moratorium is nonsense, there's a lot of successful charter schools, just because some fail it doesn't mean they all will. A more logical way to progress would be to for the successful ones to mentor the new ones

dretts8Feb. 6, 0911:07 PM

My grandson went to a charter school in Eveleth,MN. He was the president of the student councel& grduated & was on the A honor roll. He then went to UMD for a quarter. Before he started UMD he took a test & he was among the top 10 students in the USA. He is now furthering his education in Scotland. He has a 5.5yr course. He is thinking about going to college in England & Sweeden also he wants to be an english professor & I'm sure he will do it. So I would say the charter school in Eveleth is doing very good for the students. Those senators & Rep. should watch there own house to see who is stealing money from who.

VunderlutzFeb. 6, 0911:21 PM

Charter schools are the b*st*rd child of the Newt Ginrich's contract with America and its advocacy of the so-called voucher system, and public education advocates. Charter schools are like a fungus on the educational landscape. This is not say say that some of the Charter schools don't have good ideas. Some do...particularly in language immersion and environmental learning. Does Minnesota need to finance these schools as separate legal entities? Absolutely not. The charter school experiment should end. The public system shoud grab what's good in the charter school system and bring it on board. Close them down and quit pandering to the far right.

editor25Feb. 7, 09 5:54 AM

That way they wouldn't shut down in the middle of the year, as has happened here and across the country.

noggnbloggnFeb. 7, 09 5:54 AM

It is interesting that the former "token conservative" Strib columnist Katherine Kerstin is the one who broke this important issue wide open with her controversial piece on a Muslim charter school that was using public money to illegally push their religious agenda. Later, the conservative blog, Power Line, had reported that both she and Nick Coleman would be losing their jobs, due to "budget cutbacks" at the paper. Of course, Nick Coleman (bleeding heart, bless him) seems to have KEPT his job & continues to drone on about every liberal issue(mostly more public hand-outs for the poor), while Kerstin's reward was eventual unemployment. Fair and balanced, not. The paper makes no pretense of providing a balance of local perspectives, instead, trying to control events (& outcomes) rather than just report the news. Taking liberties with good journalism practices only gets you in trouble. Just being a shill for the liberal, Democrat/Socialist perspective not only compromises the paper's "integrity", it also contributes to its continued financial peril. In my opinion, a more BALANCED CONTENT would go a long way to correct your troubled business. The generally Liberal (& Strib) practice of unrelenting intolerance of other points of view has a way of eventually backfiring -- you become bankrupt, then irrelevant.

lobster68wFeb. 7, 09 6:31 AM

They should start by closing TIZA. The fact the public money goes to support a religious school is ridiculous and unconstitutional. But since it involves Muslims, they won't do anything because if might "offend" someone. Watch these to see TIZA in action. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDTKpPnQTl0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=895U5aVbU7k http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rztlwMCEWjk At least the ACLU is suing, for once I support them.

conroy1Feb. 7, 09 6:36 AM

Are you surprised that the Trib let Katherine Kerstin go?? She is a great journalist, by exposing the Inmans, had the courage to delve into their religious agenda on our tax money. For every close door, there is another one to open.... may it be a better and bigger paper!! Well it can't get any worse than the Trib. Coleman is self explanatory!!


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