Sarah Palin: The case for drilling in ANWR

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  • Updated: February 1, 2009 - 8:08 AM
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emuchickJan. 31, 09 6:31 PM

Sensible solution to our nation's energy problems. A twenty year transition to a non-fossil fuel future. There is no need for impoverishing ourselves and our progeny.

GAHANSONJan. 31, 09 6:32 PM

Yes, we need to drill in ANWAR. Alaska is rich in natural resources. It was announced a few days ago that 5 million ounces of gold has already been mined 70 miles from Fairbanks, and the company now estimates another 5 million ounces are yet to come. Gov. Palin has turned down a pay raise, recently signed a $500 million contract with the Canadians to build a gas pipeline, has rejected the stimules package, cut her states budget, has proposed an in-state gas pipeline to bring cheaper gas to Alaskans, and has prepared her state to weather the economic downturn, which includes a fall in the price of oil. It's too bad we don't have that kind of fiscal responsibility nationally. Instead we see everyone lining up at the trough of government handouts.

k57pulbufJan. 31, 09 9:52 PM


maxiemomFeb. 1, 09 1:07 AM

Drilling in ANWR won't do anything to solve the problem. We won't see that oil for at least 10 years, and the destruction of the area necessary to allow drilling would harm the environment, the wildlife, and land sacred to the native Inuit people, which is overlooked in all of this discussion. We have taken ENOUGH from the people that owned the land we lived on in the first place without taking ALL of their sacred spots. Oil companies should spend the time and money they fork over promoting the destruction of ANWR by investing in alternative energy, which is the wave of the future. By the time oil is gotten from ANWR, they could have the alternative fuels in place to replace oil: or is that WHY they're so desperate to drill in the first place?

seattlesamFeb. 1, 09 1:53 AM

Not only is the drilling in Alaska viable, it could be one of the work projects we thought we were getting with the new Oboma Administration. The result could tide us over while we turn green.

seattlesamFeb. 1, 09 1:59 AM

Didn't mean to mispell Pres. Obama's name in Drilling Work comment. It was not meant to offend. I have an uncle in law from Tennessee who worked on the original Alaskan pipeline when times were tough. Why not do it even better this time?

karendavid816Feb. 1, 09 7:46 AM

The only way to make the numbers work on large federal subsidies for alternative fuels is to make their product competitive oil and that can't be done at $40 a barrel. Gov Palin fails to realize this isn't about keeping our fuel supplies out of hostile foreign control or keeping American industry competitive, its about keeping it green and beating those horrible lying cheating oil people lead by Bush and Cheney. The only thing Gov. Palin offers in her article is common sense and we certainly don't need any more of that these days.

rgf738Feb. 1, 09 7:49 AM

Maxiemom - your comment is typical of those who would close eyes to facts. We know there is oil there, it is on the COASTAL PLAIN, not the beautiful scenic areas that are always pictured, it is 75-100 miles to connect with the Alaska pipeline and can be on stream in less than 5 years. While not a panacea, it is far better to use domestic resources than pay anti-American governments for the same item. No matter what you think, fossil fuels will be the dominant power source for at least the next 25-30 years. I'd bet you are also against nuclear - which has been safely used by the Navy for 50 years on warships and provides 80% of French electric power. Half of our electricity is still coal based - would you rather have more coal plants? Or destroy forests so you can burn the wood?

gmg42556Feb. 1, 09 7:58 AM

While some environmental extremists are criticizing Gov. Palin for drilling in ANWR, people are forgetting that the Coastal Plain in ANWR is home to a HUGE natural gas deposit, too, big enough to heat America's homes for decades. These environmental extremists are costing Minnesota families thousands of dollars in higher home heating costs. They also deny reality. Techonology BEING USED TODAY is making drilling in ANWR environmentally friendly. Environmental extremists are hurting the American economy and American families. That alone is reason enough to DRILL BABY DRILL!!!

solarnowFeb. 1, 09 8:06 AM

Sarah Palin's campaigns have benefited greatly from oil company contributions. And of course, Alaska redistributes oil wealth to its citizens--sort of an income tax in reverse. How popular do you think Palin would be if she were able to liquidate all that oil, and pay Alaskans that much more for simply living there?


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