Wolves, Bulls just might be geniuses of '08 draft

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 26, 2009 - 1:13 PM

After teams were ridiculed for choosing them, Kevin Love and Derrick Rose are making the selections look positively insightful.

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burnsy15Jan. 25, 0911:57 PM

too many people were crying about the pick. He's very smart a student of the game. We see him improving as the season goes and next yr will be even better. Keep it up big fella.

fratboyeeJan. 26, 0912:38 AM

All you KLove bashers just saw Mayo putting up good numbers early in the season and immediately called Love a bust. Look at the minutes Mayo was playing from day 1! There is no Al Jefferson or star player to run the offense thru. Mayo can be the ball hog he wants. Mayo a streak shooter plain and simple. Mayo can put up 20 points a night but he's playing 40 minutes. He doesn't create for his teammates and most nights the guy he's defending puts up 25-30 points. Finally, Mayo is a full year older than Love even though they entered the NBA the same time. Give Klove 1 full season, let him bulk up more over the off season. He's going to be an animal next year.

eldavo10Jan. 26, 0912:39 AM

I agree. But just like it was hasty for people to condemn him after two games, it's a little hasty to praise him as a future superstar after 1/2 of a season. Still, kudos to McHale this one time - even a stopped clock is right twice a day, I suppose.

steelman55311Jan. 26, 0912:42 AM

McHale has added a pretty good roster here. Foye can play and now Love showing us he will be pretty good, and Al Jefferson is a good player, and then Rodney Carney seems to be a find. Maybe in hindsight McHale knows what he is doing. If the season started right now, this team would be in the playoff hunt.

manolive72Jan. 26, 0912:52 AM

Does that make me a genius?

SeppukuJan. 26, 09 1:06 AM

McHale seems like a far better coach than team executive.

glenbcJan. 26, 09 1:26 AM

mayo is shooting at a very high percentage for a rookie, and will be a very good player. love did not look good in the first half of the season though he may well turn into a very good player. foye was younger than roy and injured for a year, so that trade remains debatable. our best/least arguable move this year, acquiring carney for a future conditional second-round draft pick; he's much, much better than a future conditional second round draft pick. mccants was also injured though he was known as a great athlete who shows up every 3rd or 4th game or so, though he wasn't a bad gamble at that all in that slot; sure we should have taken granger, and trevor ariza, though compare our picks and decisions with other teams over the course of a few years--all the trades look pretty good and the team has a lot of potential, cap space to sign a star and 4 first round picks.

drew3414Jan. 26, 09 5:32 AM

we have a good core of young players and at the end of this year we will have cap room to sign a top free agent.can you imagine if we can bring in a really good true point guard or an above average center in to go with al the beast jefferson....please someone tell mike miller to take his beret off and get a hair cut could he look less manly.

oldmetvetJan. 26, 09 6:44 AM

When OT came up I told my friend,' I don't like Miller being in there, he'll lose the game for us.''After another brick shot and another offensive mistake ,we were lucky that Gomes tightroped the baseline for the most crucial rebound of the OT. I think Love's attitude would have jump started the game as a starter.

sdietgolfJan. 26, 09 6:47 AM

I posted a comment about how good McHale's "deals" had been over the last year and a half. My comment was widely criticized, but I bet it would "play" better now. To recap those trades (July 2007) KG to Boston for Al, Gomes, Telfair, Green, Ratliff, two firsts, and cash. While cash hasn't played very well and Green was clueless, Big Al is a star about to become an All-Star, while Telfair is a starter, and Gomes a spot starter. Plus, all of these guys are about 9 years younger than KG and will be around for a while. Next trade (October 2007), Ricky Davis and Mark Blount to Miami for Walker, Doleac, Simien and a first. Two big a-holes for one moderate a-hole, plus Doleac and Simien, and a valuable first. Addition by subtraction, and we gain a first in the deal. At last years draft, Mayo, Walker, Jaric, and Buckner to Memphis for Love, Miller, Collins, and Cardinal. The jury is still out, but I like Love over Mayo, plus we got rid of Jaric's contract. (July 2008) A second rounder to Philly for Carney, Booth, Utah's first, and cash. (September 2007) Trenton Hassell's bloated contract to Dallas for Greg Buckner's less bloated contract. (June 2007) Justin Reed and Mike James to Houston for Juwan Howard's less bloated contract. You may not have liked McHale as a GM, and you may love him as a coach, but it is my thesis that McHale wasn't nearly as bad of a GM as you all thought. Wittman was the problem, not McHale. I will grant you that McHale hired Wittman, and should have fired him sooner than he did, but Wittman's "old school" coaching had the players all "constipated" in a basketball sense.


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