Mall of America revises its plans for expansion

  • Article by: SUSAN FEYDER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 5, 2009 - 10:20 AM

The Bloomington megamall says it's still determined to get bigger, but it may need to do so in phases. The first could come in 2013.

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mygoopaJan. 26, 09 5:42 AM

So what do the taxpayer's get in return for shelling out roughly $2 million? Are there any guarantee's that this is a wise investment? Since the State of Minnesota, and the City of Bloomington both will benefit from the new TAXES, are either one of them proposing that they will share their "wealth" with the taxpayer's who have helped finance this venture? Once again, the question is: what do the taxpayer's get in return?

mnhusker4Jan. 26, 09 6:16 AM

Ask Obama for some of the stimulus money.

BurrmanJan. 26, 09 6:20 AM

I have to wonder if there is enough of a market for a Bass Pro Shop store in Minnesota. We already have 3 Cabela's stores, 13 Gander Mountain stores, 4 Scheels stores, 7 Dick's Sporting Goods stores, and there's 11 Fleet Farm stores.

pauldeemingJan. 26, 09 6:38 AM

Once again FOR PROFIT business seems to believe they are entitled to tax payers hard earned money to help them MAKE PROFITS in their PRIVATE businesses. Let's see... as Burrman pointed out, we definitely don't need another sports store in town, another hotel (MOA sits in "Hotel alley"), and a SIXTH water park in an area that isn't even tropical??? Of course, they want to do battle with the current "water park of america" and gain their title back. Fine, BUT DO IT ON YOUR OWN DIME!!

PaulBarberJan. 26, 09 6:41 AM

If it makes financial sense, then build it without a tax payer gift.

KentWorleyJan. 26, 09 6:59 AM

Good comments. When is enough enough?

dturnhamJan. 26, 09 7:01 AM

A 300,000 sq ft (!) Bass pro shop? How about a Gander Mountain while you're at it? Maybe a Circuit City or Wilson's Leather? WTF? Don't even get me started on the concept of another Waterpark less than a mile from the existing park. Despite the high turnover for some of the businesses within the current footprint, surprisingly it has avoided being overly vacant. Why create the opportunity now? Besides, is the mall currently operating at a maximum capacity? Why not settle for the space that you have until then? Thank God that Nick came in to rescue the theme park once Camp Snoopy vacated. SERIOUSLY...a $300K SQFT Bass Pro shop? SHEESH!!! That ticks me off just writing it!

CuttleryJan. 26, 09 7:16 AM

"Bass Pro, Great Wolf and Marriott would be responsible for financing their portions of the expansion" So who gives a crap if there are already too many of those types of stores, thats their business decision. If Bass Pro feels there is a market for them there and they are willing to pay for it, have at it. As for what do we get out of this(and this does not mean I support spending tax dollars on this), I assume the states answer would be more jobs, more tourist dollars.

bogeygmanJan. 26, 09 7:16 AM

I drive hours to go to a bass pro shops now. Cabelas is great but Gander mountain sucks. The prices are better at bass pro shops. The competition would be good. The only question I have is 300k sq ft big enough? I think not. Maybe they could gut the Guthrie and use that if the MOA does not expand.

sultan925Jan. 26, 09 7:16 AM

I would rather see funding for a new Vikings stadium before an expanded MOA!


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