Franken's request to dismiss Coleman suit is denied

  • Article by: PAT DOYLE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 22, 2009 - 9:51 PM

The three-judge panel rejected Al Franken's motion to dismiss the case to narrowly limit the review of ballots. The three-judge panel that will hear the case also rejected Franken's bid to narrowly limit the review.

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jake1964Jan. 22, 0912:38 PM

Good for him. Too bad they didn't count them all in the first place.

magsterJan. 22, 0912:45 PM

The election contest is not a do-over. Any thing that Coleman consistently objected to during the recount should be the only things he gets to challenge in Court. Otherwise, the recount serves no purpose whatsoever.

drsax1Jan. 22, 0912:47 PM

How many times is Coleman going to try and change the rules in the middle of the contest? This is getting to be a farce.

observer1Jan. 22, 0912:48 PM

86 my eye. All or none. Norm should take his cherry picking heart to some jurisdiction that can stand him.

arimareijiJan. 22, 0912:48 PM

They didn't specify how the three uber-inspectors are supposed to make their grand tour of the state; I'm wondering if that's going to be their next request.

winddanceJan. 22, 0912:50 PM

Ok Norm, you've gone too far. Send inspectors to each precinct for your fishing expedition? This would be over 240 inspectors. This includes a Franken and Coleman representative in each precinct. Your representatives and Franken's representatives were already represented during the recount! They watched over everything. You are basically asking to redo what has already been done. Either take the recount as it stands or request a new election. A new election is the only thing that would satisfy you - But only if you won. If you didn't you would go to court again. Hey, you didn't care about Minnesotans when you voted in Washington and you obviously don't care about them now that you are back in Minnesota. We need representation so we can fix the country.

DAROOSTERJan. 22, 0912:51 PM

You told Al to concede when the original election votes were totaled and you were ahead. Now that the she is on the other foot, you cry foul. Loser, this will be that election you will be in.

observer1Jan. 22, 0912:56 PM

this would be the straw that broke the camel's back. Norm and his people know no limits and no shame. One can only hope t trimble and f knaak are going away with normy.

schriendogJan. 22, 0912:56 PM

We can't be surprised by Slippery Norm. Even though I'm steering the thread in another direction, when is the idea of an automatic run-off going to take root? You've had gubernatorial races and senatorial races won with fewer than 50% of the vote. I find it dangerous. Yes, I know that run-offs are expensive and the thought of an extended campaign is blood-curdling, but the voting tradition of Minnesota just seems to cry out for it.

jsmccann2Jan. 22, 0912:57 PM

and be done already Norm!


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