Coleman going after all rejected absentee ballots

  • Article by: PAT DOYLE and MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: January 19, 2009 - 11:10 PM

In a major shift in strategy, the GOP camp wants all 12,000 ballots reviewed.

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wbgleasonJan. 19, 09 9:09 PM

a U of M prof?

direwolf1971Jan. 19, 09 9:20 PM

His position has always been to count all legally cast absentees - inluding wrongfully rejected absentees. Franken offered to count ALL the wrongfully rejected absentees, and Coleman wouldn't agree. Now Coleman wants to count the rightfully rejected absentees. Norm lost. Now he wants a do-over with different rules.

njs019Jan. 19, 09 9:20 PM

Let it go loser, you lost. Scoreboard. Go re-mortgage your house again and let it go.

jefforysJan. 19, 09 9:21 PM

Bye already. Be a man admit defeat. You are hurting our state by sticking around. Where the heck were you before minn. Just go back they need you. The bush will need a driver soon anyway.

rick24rick24Jan. 19, 09 9:29 PM

leave the seat vacant for six years and give Senator Klobuchar two votes?

peterfhenryJan. 19, 09 9:33 PM

IN contrast to the inspirational sense of service on display in Washington, Minnesota has an incumbent senator who got barely 42% of the vote, trying to sue his way back to the place where his cronies lard him with free rent, sharp suits, under the table cash, and God knows what else. We traded Wellstone for this?

cla123Jan. 19, 09 9:33 PM

You blowhards are such huge hypocrites. When the shoe was on the other foot, you all screamed for Al to get his fair shake. Now that it is Norm, he is wrong and needs to go away. The beauty of this all is that while all this goes on, neither of these two idiots is a senator. God willing, this process will take 6 years.

onehdeagleJan. 19, 09 9:36 PM

He would switch anything, cover up anything, and is an expert at talking out of both sides of his mouth. After this fiasco. most people that voted for him wish they could change their votes.

vortex100Jan. 19, 09 9:37 PM

Statistically, the absentee ballot count has always been in Franken's favor. That is why he ended up getting more votes than Coleman after the recount. These tactics will only extend the pain for Coleman and Minnesotans, who will be down one Senator while this plays out in the courts. Eventually, when all is said and done, Franken will be the winner. The numbers are tilted in Franken's favor, and no end runs by the Coleman team will change that.

cohodogJan. 19, 09 9:38 PM

Looking for a story about the war you know that little skirmish in Iraq, we are still involved in that. or have americans stopped caring? seems like the media pretty much ignores it. i guess a little yellow ribbon magnet is the best we can do. Patriotism that we can peel off when the mood strikes us.


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