Minnesota counties continue to offer bounties for gophers

  • Article by: DAN LINEHAN , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 17, 2009 - 12:48 PM
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mnguardian01Jan. 17, 0910:04 AM

There should be a special session to strip the books of these archaic laws. As for bounties on gophers, pocket gophers have been completely eradicated in my area. This has resulted in less erosion in the hill country. This is a cool geology fact: torrential rains in hill country can result in sever ravines because of gophers. There are several areas in northern Wright County that look like the Badlands of South Dakota in miniature. These areas were map by the original survey crews before settlement. I personally got to see one gully system form on my grandfathers farm. We were trapping gophers in the hay field that was on the cusp of a kettle lake depression. The traps were set and that night we got a rainstorm of about 4 inches or so. The next day, gopher, gopher mound, and trap were in the pond and the hill side had a new erosion gully 4 feet deep. It was extremely cool because the sod was still in place for a good part of it so it was like a lava tube. But the problem of completely eradicating a specie is that there is now a hole in the ecosystem that has not been filled

leg620Jan. 17, 0910:20 AM

to eradicate the pocket gopher, mnguardian01. Let me know when they're all gone.

RooddogJan. 17, 0910:42 AM

I love that story. I don't really know what it means, but I love that story.

SorghastrumJan. 17, 0910:51 AM

Ecologically speaking, it appears that there needs to be a multi-bounty law enacted for the culling of the human species in Minnesota, and elsewhere since this species is the only known specie to actually have a catastrophic cause and effect on the entire planet's degrading ecosystems.

woodyagJan. 17, 0911:03 AM

I'm trying to see a pocket gopher in that top photo, and just can't find one. No matter how I twist around- that's not a pocket gopher; maybe a bog lemming, yes, but Geomys bursarius? nope. It MIGHT be a faked photo of a dead and badly stuffed gopher posed on snow. Come clean guys- what the heck is that?

maroperJan. 17, 0911:14 AM

you will never be able to eradicate pocket gophers. i used to trap them as a kid, i can tell you they are smart. one scent of human and they pack the tunnel tight and make it hard to get your trap back. now i have them in my front pasture/lawn and they just dont stop coming. in fact my husband waits til they pop up there heads ( we live in the country and believe me they do come out to push the dirt up) and shoots them ( at least tries to) they are a bad destructive to the land pest. dont stop the bounty because no one traps them much any way and they need to be trapped.

rkn55811Jan. 17, 0911:18 AM

the inhumanity of it all. It takes five or six of those things to make a good meal.

foxpopJan. 17, 0911:41 AM

Why does the human race think that they are entitled to "play God" with everything on this planet?! How's that working out, so far? Antibiotic-resistant "super bugs", dust storms, global warming, ozone depletion, nuclear contamination, species extinction...

nikclmnsuksJan. 17, 0911:41 AM


nikclmnsuksJan. 17, 0911:42 AM

you should be second right behind sorghastrum on getting culled


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