Eden Prairie's 'town center' idea bumps into Wal-Mart

  • Article by: LAURIE BLAKE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 19, 2009 - 2:14 PM

The discount giant says it will work with the city, but it wants to stay put in the redevelopment.

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dinojimJan. 15, 09 9:27 PM

Who are all these citizens that say they want something like this? Yes. We want to walk around a city center area in 20 below.

operat0rJan. 15, 09 9:54 PM

The Eden Prairie-ites have cast a jealous eye towards Maple Grove and the Shoppes there. Now their me-too instance has kicked in, and regardless of the practicality of building open-air shopping north of the 45th parallel in the midst of one of the biggest economic slowdowns in American history, there's gonna be Shoppes by gummy. For a minute there I was worried Eden Prairie was going to run out of high-end shopping projects. Shoulda known better.

j_m_t_usJan. 15, 09 9:57 PM

I do! The city screwd up big time putting Walmart where it did. Not only is the store an eye sore its even more trashy inside the store. Great rid of it! City counsel botched this plan good!

boshkJan. 15, 0910:16 PM

but i'm all for running wallmart out of town.

kimmel04Jan. 15, 0910:51 PM

...a community and its main street were built around city hall, a court house, a drugstore, hardware store, and city park with a gazebo? I'm not sure who the planners were behind suburbs like EP and Maple Grove, but it seems to me you don't wait 30+ years to finally think about having a "downtown" area and then when you do you begin kicking out businesses that many people already count on for shopping and entertainment...businesses once welcomed with open arms to help your community grow. That just ain't right.

ddietzJan. 15, 0910:52 PM

The fact there is a wal-mart in EP is the prime reason many people are in favor of this plan. EP is embarrassed to have a Wal-mart in there town because blue collar people might shop there. Elitism at it's best and finest as already evidenced by some of the comments. "People can have their wal-marts, just not in my backyard" they say.

AdamandKatieJan. 15, 0911:22 PM

EP. The suburban bastion of all things "small and pedestrian oriented." How comical.

j_m_t_usJan. 16, 0912:00 AM

I dont care if there is a Walmart in Eden Prairie. Just Move to the outer area of Eden Prairie and build one that you can walk in and feel good about. They need to clean up their stores especially this one in.

StarquestJan. 16, 0912:02 AM

I worked in Eden Prairie for about three years. Once I had to leave my car at a shop and "walk" to work whilst it was being fixed. It's wasn't as simple as it sounds. I had to cross a multitude of parking lots, odd traffic devices, down unkempt hills and thru viaducts. Cars in EP do not expect pedestrians and and such, you are almost invisible. Good luck with this plan; they'll need it.

idontthinksoJan. 16, 0912:07 AM

I agree with Starquest - EP is horrible for pedestrians! I live there, I know.

As far as EP not wanting a blue collar store like Walmart - they may seem to say that in public, but go there and see the cars that are in the lot - Benz, BMW, Mercedes, Range Rovers - all of them. They all shop there in private - LOL


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