Pawlenty's deficit plan: Freeze, cut

  • Article by: PATRICIA LOPEZ and MARK BRUNSWICK , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 15, 2009 - 10:59 PM
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SnowdogJan. 15, 0912:16 PM

"[Gov. Toolittle] proposed a cut in the state's business tax rate from 9.8 percent to 4.8 percent over the next six years; a $50 million package of tax credits that he said could generate more than $100 million in new investments; and a 100 percent exemption from sales tax to encourage business to buy new equipment." How about a state's business tax rate to 14.8 percent, no tax credits except for a two-year exemption for brand new companies, and taxing clothing sales? How about charging a proportional exit tax to those companies who move out of state after getting big tax breaks to come here? How about boosting the tax rate for those making more than $150,000 per year? How about parking the Governor's jet? How about letting the governor pay for his own apartment and renting out the mansion for corporate parties? It's the same old tired garbage from you, Toolittle. Just do us all a favor and resign.

blkbeltJan. 15, 0912:26 PM

Someone explain to me why an business would add employees just because they had some money in their pocket. You add employees when you don't have enough people to do the work. With the economy in the dumps and people not buying, no business is going to add jobs just because they get a tax cut. It's always the same answer no matter what the question. When the economy is good we should cut taxes, when it is bad we should cut taxes. What's that saying about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

raymondb62Jan. 15, 0912:29 PM

Poor Timmy is begging the Legislature not to increase taxes on working Minnesotans. I have news for him, no one is talking about raising taxes on teh working folk. What's being talked about is asking the scofflaws in the Tax Evaders League to pay their fair share of the running of this State. But of course Timmy doesn't want his poor friends to suffer too much...

raymondb62Jan. 15, 0912:33 PM

And while he's at it, Gov. Obstruction needs to stop making excuses for Dubya's failures at the Federal level and start demanding that the Federal Government start paying their fair share for the mandates that they shove onto the State and Local Governments.

jbkp4582Jan. 15, 0912:37 PM

and force him to do what needs to be done. Raise taxes on the richest 2%, another cigarette tax (yeah, like I really need to be smoking), something. Tax breaks for companies aren't saving people from layoffs-it's no loans from banks, commodities going up, lack of sales, etc. Giving companies a little bit of a tax break that would amount to only thousands a year isn't going to save the 50, 100, 200 jobs you keep hearing getting cut. He needs to face facts, and the legislature needs to get with the program and get a bipartisan bill together that will include what we need and what Pawlenty doesn't think is necessary-because it is!

mnrob32Jan. 15, 0912:38 PM

Regarding hiring employees. If they have more money in their pockets, they can avoid layoffs, expand into new markets, invest in growing their business. = Business grow = more employees. Regarding the Federal Gov't paying for their mandates.. It's our money!!! Repeal the mandates and let states decide how to teach their children and all the other various Federal mandates.

mspicerJan. 15, 0912:39 PM

If we have learned anything these past 8 years, it is THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN LOW TAXES AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. We have been there...and done that; and it simply does not work. Bush cut taxes -- and look where we are now. Not only a rotten business climate, but deficits to the moon. Pawlenty did it. Look where we are now. Lousy business climate, and deficits to the moon. We need a sensible PROGRESSIVE tax program to cut deficits and maintain our vital infrastructure. Sure, cuts are needed in many areas,aand should be considered (no one appreciates waste) -- but a slash and burn program only will make us a lesser state, and cost more later in repairs and interest costs. The Governor's promise of "no new taxes" has been a failure...let's face up to it.

skarjoeJan. 15, 0912:43 PM

God he is great. He is the only elected official in the state with any comprehension of how to grow jobs. We may actually be able to compete with neighboring states if we get a "reasonable" tax rate. Now is the best time to lower the rates because it will not effect our state revenue in 2009, assuming that most corporations will be in an NOL thus not paying any tax. I can feel a chill going up my leg.

lawrerosJan. 15, 0912:44 PM

More tax breaks for the rich?? What makes sense about cutting taxes when there is a defecit? Nothing, unless you live in a neighborhood like Pawlenty where the rich people get another handout! How did this joker get elected again? I get cutting the spending down as necessary, but how are we going to crawl out of a defecit if he is proposing that we take in less money?

tacklebury18Jan. 15, 0912:51 PM

democrats just dont get why republicans complain about big gov. since we have a defecit we should throw more and more money at the issue so the gov can grow and grow only to come back and demand more taxpayer money. Just imagine if we CUT gov in half what that would do to the budget PLUS we would get to keep more of OUR money. Think outside the box for one second!!!


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