Delta Air Lines opposes amending MAC deal

  • Article by: LIZ FEDOR , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 13, 2009 - 8:58 PM

The airline wants a decision on the agreement this month so it can move ahead with plans to locate business activities in Minnesota.

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btaleenJan. 13, 09 8:49 PM

You know more jobs will be lost, Delta has MAC by the you-know-what. Nuff said.

joeeeeeeJan. 13, 09 8:53 PM

Good. Do just that.

nojusticeJan. 13, 09 9:32 PM

Delta/Northwest still has $250 million in back taxes owed.

d123b123Jan. 13, 09 9:34 PM

It definitely was surprising in December when Delta LOOKED reasonable to compromising on an iron-tight agreement which required (1) NWA or successor headquarters HERE, and (2) MSP as a hub (specific job and flight # requirements). ------------------- GET OUR $245 MILLION BACK BEFORE THEY DECLARE BANKRUPTCY AGAIN AND/OR LIQUIDATE TO WEASEL THEIR WAY OUT OF IT !!!!!

smitley81Jan. 13, 09 9:38 PM

I would think that keeping 10,000 jobs for at least 3 years would be better then blowing off the deal and losing thousands of more jobs because some politician wants to make a point. I think its funny how everyone is hell bent on getting the money back at the expense of peoples livelyhoods. How much of a hit would MN take in income taxes/Property taxes/ Sales taxes if DL did decide to pull out and leave verses keeping this agreement as is and trying again in 2-3 years to sign another pact or agreement? If this fails, I wonder what the impact will be on these commissioners salaries? Maybe they all should be fired for not thinking of the wellfare of the majority over their minority interests. If DL leaves I know I won't have a job anymore!

peter01Jan. 13, 0910:01 PM

I would like to think that Delta has good intentions in keeping Mpls/St.P a major hub and those 10,000 jobs would remain in Minn. But does one actually take Delta at its word.The airlines have cut flights, charged extra for luggage, cut back on flight attendents.Sorry I just don't trust the back stabbers.

dongerJan. 13, 0910:24 PM

MAC will roll over and play dead as soon as they get the price they want, ie, bribe. they don't care about Minny or the working men and women in Minny. they care about themselves.

mahogma66Jan. 13, 0910:28 PM

Delta is a Northwest clone,and Northwest had a history of high fares and crap service. I hope MAC refuses to budge an inch on this. Screw Delta.

gflem62Jan. 13, 0910:28 PM

Hirst, Anderson and Delta could give a rip about Minnesotans or sustaining viable jobs. MAC commissioners, don't be the first to blink in this high-stakes game of chicken. Anderson was with NWA when the state bailed them out before (and those were bad deals too!)- people really don't change that much.

mn55066Jan. 13, 0910:59 PM

How about MAC denying gate access at Msp? Sell them to other airlines and tell Delta to shove it. Then confiscate assests to cover the $245 million or so we loaned to Northwest. Corporations are ruining this country--it's time we fought back.


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