Minnesotans rally to express support for Israel; others rally to protest

  • Article by: JANET MOORE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 12, 2009 - 12:29 AM

About 1,000 Minnesotans converged in St. Louis Park to express their opinions on the current conflict in Gaza.

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senorsabrosoJan. 11, 09 7:15 PM

Tiny Israel is the bravest of them all. In my lifetime I've seen them repel attacks from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Hezbollah, and Hamas. Does Hamas not vow to destroy Israel ? These arent my notions but Hamas's own words. Peace will come when the rocket's of the Hamas terrorist are silenced once and for all.

erintwJan. 11, 09 7:18 PM

...when Hamas decides to stop launching bombs into Jewish settlements. As long as they persist, Israel has every right to find and destroy the perpetrators.

thebratJan. 11, 09 7:23 PM

i'd be all too happy to express my support for israel but it seems none of these protests ever happen downtown.

Dave21Jan. 11, 09 7:23 PM

I was at the event and was quite impressed with Minnesota's government leaders. I've never been a big fan of Mark Dayton, but have to say he made a great speach. And on the other end of the aisle, so did Congresslady Bachmann.

likeaplanJan. 11, 09 7:25 PM

Why is it that Israel do not have a conscience towards the lives of Palestinians?

thebratJan. 11, 09 7:33 PM

about the random rockets attacks against innocent israelis. do they have a conscience when they lob rockets at civilian targets like schools and homes? there was peace. israel obeyed the treaty while still suffering rocket attacks on it's soil. so who broke the peace you have to ask? it certainly wasn't israel. i'm predicting ww3 soon. europe who has been an intermediary for the arab world has significantly cooled off in their support after 9-11. is this what the muslim world wants? you don't go smacking a sleeping lion and expect nothing. the world will never allow another holocaust under the excuse of "god's will".

journeyladJan. 11, 09 7:38 PM

disagrees with both sides? Both are wrong. Hamas, obviously, for sending over the rockets. But then Israel overreacted in a brutal fashion. Yes, I can see being frustrated with what has been happening, but I think they went overboard. At this point, both sides need to compromise, and both need to tone it down. Until both sides do that, it just won't matter. So you won't find me at any rally for either side.

larrymeaseJan. 11, 09 7:40 PM

ummm, the stupid Israeli politicians were blockading the coast and letting the Palestinians starve.

jeaideJan. 11, 09 7:40 PM

A lot of you people are hypocrits and you make me want to vomit.

thebratJan. 11, 09 7:43 PM

maybe hamas should have been smuggling in food in addition to what the un was giving instead of spending its resources and attention on rockets. could have gotten a lot of humanitarian aid for the money spend on the rockets. and frankly if a government set up shop that's ENTIRE goal is the irradiation of a people i think the israelis have a right to protect themselves. funny it looked like half the muslim world agreed with israel by looking the other way or participating. you don't let your intended predator build strength. common logic.


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