Senate’s ruling on Burris affects seating Franken

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 8, 2009 - 10:44 AM

Illinois case sets the bar: an election certificate. But Minnesota won't issue one until legal challenges end.

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jmy9595Jan. 7, 09 4:48 PM

Good, and the public realizes that it's the Republicans in Congress and their obstructionism that's got Congress' ratings so low:

cinemajayJan. 7, 09 5:05 PM

I usually end up being a STrib apologist, but seriously--that headline makes it seem as though Al can't be seated because of Burris (????) Dumb!

jimandnancypJan. 7, 09 5:15 PM

Most people in this country are Democrats, not Republicans. However, until this election they didn't turn out to the voting booth in the same numbers as Republicans. Ergo - Republicans have dominated Congress since 1994. The only way Republicans can win elections is by 'turning out the vote'. This means AM radio needs to generate hate. Hate is a powerful motivator. Hate gays, hate the 'biased liberal media', hate Al Quaida, hate those who 'wage a war on Christmas' and thousands of other perceived threats to mom, apple pie and chevrolet. Democrats don't like being misrepresented to the paranoid and uneducated. They respond in kind by hating George Bush and blaming him for everything. While conservatives hijacted am radio, liberals grabbed the internet. The Republican Party has a serious problem in that it is made up of hate-filled older white people (largely males). This population is dwindling, but large enough to dominate Republicans politics for years to come. Upset them, you can't win. Upset everyone else, and you can't win. Sen Coleman tried to appeal to both and he lost. He can drag this out, but ultimately he will lose. And so will the Republican Party if they don't dramatically change the 'who can we hate now' mentality of the last 15 years.

mommakaJan. 7, 09 5:16 PM

This country is done. We should just give everyone a check for a million dollars, convert all our debt to 30 year treasuries and start printing money. We can take China in a nuclear war, some people may even live. I am totally serious. We certainly don't have the political will to solve our problems.

buckslayerJan. 7, 09 5:34 PM

What the hell? They are seriously considering seating this guy appointed by a corrupt governor? And they're doing this right out in the open? There is no hope for this country anymore. We're all screwed, libs, cons, and anyone in between.

ShockwaveJan. 7, 09 5:43 PM

Norm Coleman is behaving like a child, and Pawlenty is throwing a tantrum because his guy lost. The election is certified, and the governor has no moral right to deny the voters. His arrogance is costing Minnesota a senator.

Note to Reid: The Senate has bypassed a delayed election certificate before. The Republicans are ignoring Obama's "post-partisan" leadership. You should show them how it's done.

Seat Senator Al Franken NOW!

wardnjuneJan. 7, 09 5:48 PM

Go ahead and send your "cool grand" but please. You're still pissed off about Clinton's affair? How about the party that brought us "Iraq's oil profits will pay for the war" and "it'll be over in 6 months" and "they'll welcome us with flowers?" Six years, billions of dollars and thousands of dead Americans later and you're complaining about a guy lying about having an affair. Get your priorities in order. Please.

minnmustngJan. 7, 09 5:49 PM

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! How's that for late night sitcom?

raschumacherJan. 7, 09 5:52 PM

After the meticulous operation of the process prescribed by his state's laws the candidate who clearly won popular election will not be seated; and, completely at odds with the legal requirements of his state, the guy appointed by a corrupt governor will be seated. Democrats clearly have a lot to learn about gaming the system for PR advantage.

solocoJan. 7, 09 5:59 PM

There was quite a bit of hate in those comments. The right does not hate the groups you mention, but what we are opposed to is change for the worse. The left is interested in a valueless..humanist system. You want to eliminate the concept of historical right and wrong and replace it with your own concepts. It is like creating a new religion…determining the way to God instead of following the simple way and concept that God is reaching for man. You have everything screwed up. Wow.


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