Critics urge Sen. Klobuchar to condemn Israeli assault

  • Article by: RANDY FURST , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 30, 2008 - 11:02 PM

She urged aid for Gazans and said, "We need to work toward a cease-fire." Coleman and McCollum faced small protests. In a tense conference room, protesters urged Klobuchar to condemn Israel for the bombings of Gaza, which she refused to do.

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RipAndersonDec. 30, 08 9:45 PM

No condemnation for the Hamas assault which triggered the Israeli retaliation?

nthernlgtsDec. 30, 08 9:54 PM

Why is is America supposed to be concerned that the bombing of Gaza will "fuel hatred of America and American interests" while those same people already hate America, have no interest in peace, and could care less about the Hamas rocket attacks into Israel which started the whole thing? Most Palestinians want nothing but the destruction of Israel, yet somehow Americans are supposed to ignore Hamas' continuing acts of sutpidity towards the Israelis because Israel had the audacity to actually strike back? The ONLY reason Israel exists to this day is because of their willingness to strike harshly when provoked or threatened. It certainly isn't because their fellow middle-eastern brethren want to live in harmony.

nordeasterDec. 30, 08 9:56 PM

Which one, Klobuchar? How could you not condemn mass bombings from the air of an unarmed population and the indiscriminate killings of hundreds? Disgusting.

johns860Dec. 30, 08 9:57 PM

The Israeli/Jewish lobby (AIPAC) owns Congress. Our representatives can't criticize anything the Israeli's do or else they would be cut off from a big chunk of their campaign funds for re-election. Money talks in Washington.

byorkerDec. 30, 0810:02 PM

Thanks for standing your ground. Bombings do not discriminate. Photos of injured small children can unfortunately be shown on both sides of the aisle. The Hamas continuously on a whim lob bombs against the Israelis in spite of several cease fire truces over the past few years. Doesn't Israel have a right to defend itself?

raylottieDec. 30, 0810:19 PM

It happens time and again: The Palestinians rocket Israel and get a bunch of air strikes in return. Maybe someday they will see a cause and effect relationship. Well, I guess we all know that Hamas and other Islamic terrorists locate themselves amongst civilians for a reason.

BizineerDec. 30, 0810:26 PM

Both sides need to understand that violence is NOT now, nor never was, the answer. That said, it is not our place to judge Israel for defending themselves. Who is John Galt?

Super_SargeDec. 30, 0810:27 PM

I wonder if those that defended Hamas would do it if it was their houses that were be attacked by rockets. Israel the only true friend we have in the Middle East and the only true democracy in the area we must stand by Israel in her time of need. I wonder if the newly elected President will stand Israel.

freedubayDec. 30, 0810:28 PM

funny how the Arab "community" doesn't comdenm Hamas for firing rockets on a daily basis even as they're falling on their own heads. Klobuchar better not comdenm Israel.

freedubayDec. 30, 0810:31 PM

I wonder if the newly elected President will stand Israel? Maybe if doesn't ruin his workout or golf game Obmama my take the time to comment. He can only stay silent and use the worn out excuses he's been using for the past 2 1/2 years.


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