'Stay civil,' both campaigns are told

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA and PAT DOYLE , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: December 29, 2008 - 11:47 PM

Bickering over absentee ballots worsens as local officials get ready to convene meetings to sort out the mess.

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w1n5t0nDec. 29, 0811:14 AM

Every day for three or four weeks now, we have had to read headlines that Coleman's camp wants to NOT count ballots. It's not only terrible election policy, it's just a terrible PR move by Coleman's camp to keep insisting on NOT counting ballots. It appears more and more, day after day, that the Coleman camp is certain it will lose the election if all the ballots are counted. Well, so be it. Let the chips fall where they may. If NOT counting ballots is the best the Coleman camp can come up with, maybe Norm needs to step aside so democracy can continue.

roadhazzDec. 29, 0811:15 AM

Coleman lost. Someone needs to tell him to get over it (and himself).

tealokiDec. 29, 0811:15 AM

Norm knows he's going to be out of a job in the end. He's just being a politician.. bribes, sketchy business dealings AND frivolous legal antics.

MarshaJeanDec. 29, 0811:22 AM

He was on the news just yesterday bragging that it's been the Franken camp that doesn't want to count all the votes....and how Coleman has been for counting all the votes all along. I just sat there dumbfounded and even the reporter's jaw dropped.

rijudasDec. 29, 0811:23 AM

Norm Coleman trying to rig an election?? Instead of trying to manipulate the re-count, he should resign and turn his focus to his legal troubles, i.e. the lawsuit filed against him for illegally funneling money to his campaign. Why can't Norm Coleman help himself from cheating? The evidence is piling up.

goldenvikingDec. 29, 0811:32 AM

Find something else to do or to complain about. Life is to short, so please get out and enjoy it.

auggie_24Dec. 29, 0811:33 AM

So, Norm, what about the point where you asked Al to step aside after Election Day? You said you would do the same if you were in the same position. Well? Are you?

rickcomaticDec. 29, 0811:38 AM

After recounting millions of ballots; whats another 2,000 going to take? A week? It's not even 2,000. A few less? Count them! Count them all! Let there be nothing left to challenge. It's clear to everyone except Norm Coleman how the recount is going to end. Show him! Hold-up the last ballot for all to see and let him know the result. More people voted for Franken. Franken has more votes. Be done with it and close the book on this so Franken can prepare to take his seat in the Senate. Dismiss further Motions. Reject further suits. Get to the bottom line. Say: "That's all she wrote" and write: "The End." Goodbye Mister Coleman; hello Senator Franken.

patpopcornDec. 29, 0811:39 AM

The election judges are not handwriting experts. These need to be recounted too.

humanfodderDec. 29, 0811:40 AM

If you look at the number of people watching the goings-on, it would be difficult to slip something by. And it does seem that both Franken and Coleman are calling anything they can call. Also, I don't believe that the MN Supreme Court is "rigged." I also haven't seen anyone point to something specific that Richie has done that is inappropriate. He seems to be running a very up and up recount. So, beyond yelling the trying to generate hysteria by yelling "FRAUD" very loudly, the recount while solow and messy is being done well.


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