Minnesotans line up for a stimulus shot

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 29, 2008 - 6:09 PM
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lonederangerDec. 28, 08 9:17 PM

I don't like this.

lonederangerDec. 28, 08 9:18 PM

I don't like this.

pfbramDec. 28, 08 9:35 PM

That's Reagan propaganda that the corporate media never challenged -- since it's little more than a propaganda vehicle itself. EVERYTHING is a special interest to someone who is not, himself, a beneficiary. One man's junk is another man's treasure. Our representatives in D.C. have a job -- to make sure that we, as Minnesotans, get back out (as projects, etc.) of our federal taxes what we pay in. If we pay more than we get back (as has been the case), we're better off seceding from the union.

m231231Dec. 28, 08 9:59 PM

How about just 10 improvements Obama made on the south side of Chicago? Why don't states do their one improvements and raise the money themselves if they wish to instead always running to the national tax pool? so nice for us to pay for other states and vice versa. I don't want other state's monies. no way.

my2centsDec. 28, 0810:00 PM

Where do the people in our government think this money will come from? $700B for the failed finance sector, $14B for the failed auto sector, who knows how much for the struggling retail sector. WHEN WILL IT STOP?

mgs5150Dec. 28, 0810:12 PM

The whole federal system really needs to be torn down and delegated back to the local communities. One policy does not fit all people, places, cities, and states. The fact that there is no accountability and they can make these sweeping horrible policies is unbelievable. The amount of money that's been given away without corporations having to declare how it's being spent is really government run amok. Comnpany's have used OUR money bailout money to give CEO's their bonuses. Ask your congressmen to explain that.

ceedeeDec. 28, 0810:23 PM

DFLers Tony Sertich and Linda Slocum promised 33000 new jobs with the transportation bill. Check their web sites. Were they lying to the public. The Mn General contractors are only projecting 21000 new jobs. Should we believe the DFL leaders or do they use the same old BS to convince voters that they are the only ones who can create jobs.

powergeckosDec. 28, 0810:25 PM

I have debt from divorce and bad choices. Please pay my debt off so I can continue making the same bad decisions. Well...that's what the gov't. is doing for big business, banks, etc. I can pee it away just as good as they can....

buzzman0755Dec. 29, 08 2:45 AM

The money never goes to the areas that need it the most from education to funding highways and freeways! The money always goes to the ones who need it the least, the greedy self-interest, special lobby groups and the corporate elitists. What happen to the $700 Billion bailout, it went to the banks who kepted it for themselves insteading of reinvesting it back into the economy has they promised to do. From one scandal to the next all the taxpayers will see is the bill in the biggest scandal ever in U.S. history.

comment229Dec. 29, 08 5:09 AM

All we have to do is trust our leaders to make the right decisions based on the difference between a "want" and a "need." If they base funding on that concept and get it right, with all choices transparent, I don't have a problem.... bike trails, swimming pools, water slides, zoo exhibits etc. are not needs.... bridges, bad roads, crumbling buildings are.... and... unlike the bail outs so far.... put in an oversight committee PLEASE.... with harsh punishments for those that use the money incorrectly, and know it....


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