Brewster getting a contract extension? Let's have a recount

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 28, 2008 - 8:52 PM

The academic and athletic algebra used to justify this decision is curious to say the least.

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wrenagain2Dec. 27, 08 5:26 PM

Of course, this prexy b is too long of tooth to make any kind of sound ruling in this multi-million dollar squandering of University of Minnesota Athletic Department funds. Why, this prexy b still hasn't paid back the money he borrowed from the University of Minnesota General Fund to pay for the five year extension he gave Mason only to buy him out the very next year. Board of Regents beware: you too can be held accountable IF you sign off on this contract extension madness for this brewster. Regents beware! Just think: this brewster may give you ALL an excuse to buy him out if he continues to lose Big Ten Football Games and/or if the program faces some problem of any kind a few years down the road. Mr. Reusse is right on the money with his moral sense of outrage regarding this incredibly foolish proposal. This maturi should be fired NOW. Money is NOT growing on trees in this most recent little GREAT DEPRESSION that our nation and state is currently experiencing. Dump this maturi NOW!

jermparksDec. 27, 08 5:51 PM

Alright Reusse, let's bring ol' Mason back (as far as I know he's proabably available) and we can blow another huge lead in the pretigous Insight Bowl. At least Brewester brings in much much higher ranked recruiting classes (still just as poor academically), doesn't blow over 20 point leads (everytime), lose on blocked punts, and lose all of your states best high school players to other big ten teams. I agree with Maturi on the extension however, progress is slow, and not at the rate administration advertises. Give Brew and extension for recruiting and program stablility, then reevalute and hire a new coach if necessary in another 2 years. We don't want Minnesota to become the revolving door of coaches, especially with a new stadium right around the corner. If we fire the guy what a great way to lose the huge recruiting draw the stadium will be. Just a thought.

kenogamanDec. 27, 08 6:23 PM

I think it would be a huge mistake to give him a contract extension. He is not a good coach and the stuff about him being a good recruiter is a PR move by his people in the athletic dept. He needs to take a look at the smaller schools in the area, and concentrate on those late blooming, intelligent local athletes that are slipping through the cracks and going to places like St. Johns, NDSU, UND, UM-Duluth, and Bethel and tearing it up in the small college game. The highly toted recruits that are arrogant, stupid, and bloom early in high school never amount to much except posting bail..

wrenagain2Dec. 27, 08 6:33 PM

You are aware that this brewster has only completed two years and he has multiple years remaining on his existing contract. How about the wins over Michigan and Ohio State and PSU. Has this berwster character beaten any GOOD team? And, how about the way that this brewster was shell-shocked and blown to bits by the coach from iowa? 55 to ZERO is a pretty bad mark on this brewster. Couple that with his 29 to 6 loss to the worst Michigan team in many, many decades. The combined scores of the Michigan and iowa losses were 84 to 6. That doesn't apell big, bad trouble for you? Both Michigan and iowa are long-time trophy game competition for the U of M. Where is the pride maturi? Fire maturi and let this brewster's contract wind down a bit more. NEVER buy out a newly extended contract again University of Minnesota administrators. This prexy b and maturi set a new all-time low standard for good fiscal management when they shelled out millions and millions to buy out Mason's newly extended contract. And what happens if this brewster gets blown out by Kansas in this bowl game...or...worse yet, loses a lead????? IF this brewster does not win this bowl game, it should shut this maturi up right away about contract extensions.

betaband2Dec. 27, 08 7:02 PM

no one cares what you think expect for the washed-up masonite holdovers. you are like an annoyingly loud cricket that just won't ever shut up and is hiding somewhere in the room, but you just can't figure out where. like they said on that seinfeld episode: can't stand ya pat, can't stand ya....

blackhammerDec. 27, 08 7:22 PM

With all the bad pro sports in this town,why is the U and Brewster your personal whipping boys?You were wrong on Marques Gray.You think you have a license to make things up?Say whatever will sell papers or get radio listeners?

kuld00Dec. 27, 08 7:34 PM

Your right Pat - lets bring back Mason and give him a lifetime contract. I miss the epic recruiting battles with Akron, Bowling Green, and Miami(Ohio) not to mention the legendary meltdowns to NW in 00', Purdue in 01', Michigan in 03', Wisc in 05' and that team from Lubbock TX on the final day of 2006. Of course there was the great lovefest he had with the HS coaches at Cretin, E.P., and the Breck school (insert etc.. etc.. here). I saw Ross Berstein at the mall last week and nearly made a suggestion to him for his next novel - can you guess? Still looking for your great article on the debacle that was the Twins land deal. Happy New Year Pat!!

viceroy712Dec. 27, 08 8:03 PM

To any extentsion at this time. Maturi what kind of AD are you for even bringing this subject of an extentsion up in the first place. Perhaps its time to replace you! Brewster signed a five year deal. Granted there has been some improvement, but not enough to be given this kind of offer. Let's wait another two years and if his win loss record improves with some very good bowl appearances, then give him what he wants and with our blessing's! I just want to see if this guy is as good as some people seem to think he is and I for one want to be sure he is not blowing smoke up my butt just for his sake. When he can pull off at least seven wins in Big 10 play, then and only then will I believe this guy is for real......

koppco1Dec. 27, 08 8:24 PM

Pat, please go away. One thing about the Stribs financial difficulties is there is just a glimmer of hope that you may not be writing any articles soon. You have a real problem with anybody who has a positive outlook and can envision greater things than mediocre. Mason NEVER thought the U could field more than a mediocre team at best and he was downright lazy when it came to recruiting. I always loved those perpetual 9th, 10th, or 11th rated recruiting classes in the Big Ten that Glen produced. Glen's offensive system could cover up for these recruiting weaknesses but you can't cover that up on defense (and it obviously showed). Brewster is bringing in a different level of athlete to this program and you have absolutely no proof to show that any of these guys are worse academically than what Mason recruited (only innuendo which you love). Please tell me you'll eat crow when the 2008 and 2009 recruiting classes are juniors/seniors and this team is winning the big games. If they aren't, I will gladly call for Brew's head. I am sure you will just remain silent rather than saying anything positive if Brewster does turn this around.

coloradotwinDec. 27, 08 8:57 PM

Reusse, is off base again, seems to be his MO. Just ignore him, he hates successful people in Minnesota sports scene. Brewster is great and watch him take the Gophers to some big bowl game, that will kill reusse and he will be eating crow again. Hey Pat, maybe its time to move on, somewhere you will be appreciated, let's say report for the Raiders..


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