C.J.: Vikes' Sharper grabs handicapped spot with luxury SUV

  • Article by: C.J. , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 24, 2008 - 5:53 PM
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stribmenotDec. 24, 0811:55 AM

Haven't you watched his play this year??? I bet he is gone and replaced next year.

NatureboyDec. 24, 0811:58 AM

All you had to do, CJ, was call the local police and report the parking violation. A CSO would have come out and tagged his SUV.

ryanc8Dec. 24, 0811:59 AM

And this makes the news why?..

diggs03Dec. 24, 0812:02 PM

Go report on something that actually matters. This is the kind of garbage that is wrecking the media today. People digging for any kind of dirt on people. Don't you have anything better to do with your time than worry about a pro athlete parking in a handicapped spot. Shows what kind of a journalist you are. And what do you know it happened at Fox 9 news. The place where they come up with news stories by digging up as much dirt as possible about something that no one cares about.

tkladarDec. 24, 0812:03 PM

There is a time and place where every rule can be broken. What are the odds that some handicapped person would need the spot at 9 PM on Sunday, for the short time that Sharper was there. Big freaking deal. CJ, every drive ove the speed limit. Would that be news. Find something of interest to right about!

tokeraceDec. 24, 0812:06 PM

are making drastic cutbacks in staffing and are limiting the amount of newsprint they use and fill, yet the StarTrib deems this type of ridiculous information fit for print, and what's more, they pay a ridiculous person ridiculous amounts of money to write it. No wonder they have to 'decline' to make their quarterly debt payments.

balluffDec. 24, 0812:07 PM

What he did was wrong, but if you actaully cared about the people breaking the law you would have promptly reported him to police. It is sad that you use your column to get back at someone who obviously doesn't want to talk to you. Get a life woman.

jmdanielDec. 24, 0812:07 PM

On a CJ article? Am I seeing things? CJ, I started reading the Strib while back in high school in the late '70s. That makes for roughly 30 years of loyal readership, give or take a few for military deployment, pre-internet. Your "writing", in my opinion, has absolutely no place in this newspaper, especially that trash you wrote about Visanthe's genitalia, including the followup, where you tried to portray the folks that were disgusted by your juvenile words as hysterical puritans. You don't deserve a byline, and are merely hastening the rapid and probably irreversible decline of today's newspaper decline.

mdhomerDec. 24, 0812:09 PM

CJ - it sounds like you have a crush on sharper, he wont return your calls? I wouldn't either. you article makes it sound like because he didnt return your calls that you took video of his car improperly parked and even ran the plates, way to get down and dirty with your investigation of this critical news you brought us. Sharper has been a stand up guy in the NFL for a long time and is involved in many charities. I am sure if someone followed you around they could video tape you double parking, not yielding to pedestrians, or something else very minor that no one cares about. have a happy hollidays everybody

datelessnerdDec. 24, 0812:09 PM

Only a brain-damaged individual would try to pick up a fumble in the end zone instead of falling on the ball. Or run an interception out of the end zone, instead of taking a touchback. Or run around carrying an intercepted ball like a loaf of bread in a situation where going down to the ground would win the game. Darren Sharper is the Vikings' version of Leon Lett!!!


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