State may be one seat short when Senate convenes

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA, KEVIN DUCHSCHERE and PAT DOYLE , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: December 24, 2008 - 5:19 PM

Resolution of tne Senate race by Jan. 6 seems unlikely unless "the stars align".

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swschradDec. 23, 0810:20 AM

individual ballots and individual judges. next they will try to file to have voters subpoenaed for their intent. you can just SMELL the entitlement pouring off King Normie. that, and flop sweat.

insidescoopDec. 23, 0810:30 AM

just give the senite seet to coleman an b done with it already

imkirokDec. 23, 0810:34 AM

We can't get any funnier than the President that we've had for the last 8 years. That guy was the biggest joke this country has ever played on the world.

privateeyeDec. 23, 0810:36 AM

and we need to hear the opinion of someone whose screen name is a fish. Sure.

notimeforyouDec. 23, 0810:45 AM

Time to call it quits and congratulate Al on winning the election......isn't that what you said you would have done if you were in his place on election night??

superlimboDec. 23, 0810:50 AM

I think with all the money Coleman and Franken have raised that this is possible and they could finance it. Or maybe we could do it like American Idol and have people phone in their votes. I just really think this endless counting is not going to solve it either way.

beaunusDec. 23, 0810:51 AM

I've watched alot of the canvassing board,it definately goes both ways. Coleman is undoubtedly desperate. The Lott/Foxnews story was de-bunked in hours see link.

mforreyDec. 23, 0810:59 AM

I agree with Senator Coleman's challenge of some of the decisions. I would like to know exactly which ballots they are challenging. I looked through a number of those reviewed by the board on Friday and found the following: Scott County | SHAKOPEE P-7 | Challenge 1F Voted straight R, but vote given to no one – blackened and X coleman Le Sueur County | ELYSIAN | Challenge 34 Marked for Coleman, board gave vote to Franken Lake County | CRYSTAL BAY P-1 | Challenge 1 Marked for Coleman, board gave vote to Franken Lac Qui Parle County | NASSAU | Challenge 1 Marked for Coleman, board gave vote to Franken Koochiching County | KOOCHICHING POLL 1 | Challenge 20F Marked for Coleman, straight R, board gave vote to Franken Anoka County | SPRING LAKE PARK P-2 | Challenge 11 Marked beyond lines for Coleman, board gave to NO One I looked at these again today and found the board's decision on the StarTribs website had been removed from many of them - curious! Based on the above info, it appears the Canvassing Board is highly subjective and leans significantly in Franken's favor.

ict1234Dec. 23, 0811:00 AM

what's humorous is calling us righties and then lumping Bush in with us. If you had any understanding of what conservatism is, you'd then know that Bush is not a conservative. He is a moderate or a centrist (take your pick); which then should bode the question, if Bush and all of his spending is a moderate or a centrist, what is in store for the country with the far-left of center President-Elect Barack Obama? Perhaps, that joke may be even funnier in four or eight years.

GoReporterDec. 23, 0811:02 AM

I was born and raised in Minnesota, and Norway, now I live in Wisconsin. I'm still a Viking Fan for now. I think you should start Gus (looks like Superman) on Sunday. When you guys up der in Minnensoda elected the wrestler for your governor a few years back, I kinda laughed, and said 'well, we'll see if he can tackle the issues better than the others'. He could not. But then you elected Tim Pawlenty and things started lookin' up again. Since then, you Minnesotans seem to be gettin' the 7 year itch, you've put a character like Al Franken in a position he does not deserve to be in. Now you're about to allow Franken to steal an election. Franken, a comedian and liberal activist, who has no interest in the people of Minnesota. What's wrong with you people up der? Is there something in the water or what?! I'm not sure how much longer I can continue to be proud of being from Minnesota. Wake up people! The rest of the country is snickering at your naivete - and I'm losing hope for 'my homeland'.


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