Pawlenty's first slice: $271 million

  • Article by: PATRICIA LOPEZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 19, 2008 - 9:04 PM

The governor's emergency budget cuts hit health care, local governments and higher education hard -- and more is to come.

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LisaMplsDec. 19, 08 9:13 PM

...everytime you update a Pawlenty story? This is the second time today the primarily Pawlenty unfriendly comments have vanished along with the very few pro-Pawlenty comments. Funny - hope the comments posted between 2:20Pm and 9:10PM return.

jcalamityDec. 19, 08 9:36 PM

"Families across Minnesota are tightening their belts, and they expect government to do the same." He says and then slices human services for more than 1/4 of his total cut. When my family's belt gets tightened the last place we cut is what we provide for our developmentally disabled son ... It speaks volumes that human services is the first place the Governor looks for savings.

hanhquyenDec. 19, 08 9:36 PM

I agree with the previous comment. Please re-post the earlier comments and explain why they disappeared in the first place.

metalixDec. 19, 08 9:38 PM

Please do something about welfare... I understand the need, but it is very abused by both Minnesotans and out of state persons. The study where tons of welfare money was spent out of state should be a clue, and it is a good place to save millions of dollars.

bakerskDec. 19, 08 9:54 PM

Just Great... T-Paws "no taxes" agenda once again hits us all where it hurts the most by shifting burden to cities and counties forcing them to do what???? Tax our homes with double digit year over year increases! Taxes on my home have doubled in 5 years due to this regime's "no tax" agenda.

ust82gopherDec. 19, 0810:02 PM

Gov. Pawlenty prioritized the options, protected the most critical (K-12 Ed) and vulnerable (small towns and counties) and asked the rest to do with less. That is frankly what everyone needs to do. As someone who owns a manufacturing business with a significant number of employees (50+), I am having to do the same thing. We are learning to do with less. Those arguing for more taxes are kidding themselves. I can't afford more taxes while maintaining my current level of business. Already this year, I have lost 2 rather big jobs to China - because I could not match their low prices. Why? Because I pay my employees a fair, livable wage. I pay for generous benefits. I also pay ~17% of my gross revenues in payroll, unemployment, works comp, property, and other taxes. I am not alone - most MN small businesses have expenses like mine. I am not going to stop paying fair wages. I continue to absorb the majority of the huge benefit (ie health care) increases. But I can't do that and pay anymore taxes and still compete. Higher taxes can't be the answer right now. We all need to live with less until we can get this economy turned around.

LilBeaverDec. 19, 0810:04 PM

in the upcoming legislative session should be to repeal last years first bill passed which raised Per Diem pay for legislators, and doubled the housing allowance for out-state legislators in the House. Second cut would be to eliminate all the "FEEL GOOD LEGISLATION" proposals, such as changing the names for roads, bridges, buildings, ect., then eliminate all the bills written to "HONOR" this person or that group, and all such BS. You say this does not cost us? How much do you think it costs to have someone draft these bills, print them so every legislator has "HIS OWN" copy, which many times they don't read anyway, publish these bills, and finally record them in the state legislative record? If the legislature is serious about resolving this temporary "Short Fall" in revenue, how about working the session for a $1.00. They always say they are doing it as a community service, then take the $1.00 and really do community service!

ajfroggieDec. 19, 0810:06 PM

Bottom line is that EVERYONE will feel the effects. State has to live on a budget that is tightening, so it's to be expected that the counties and municipalities should do the same.

kohathDec. 19, 0810:06 PM

People who don't work can live with a roommate.

cloyd42Dec. 19, 0810:08 PM

How much is state aid being reduced to U of M and Twins Stadium and the long-past-due monies owed by Northwest?


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