Vikings Insider: T-Jack a forgotten QB no more

  • Article by: JUDD ZULGAD , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 20, 2008 - 5:24 PM

Tarvaris Jackson's recent play has made the Vikings re-evaluate their future plans at quarterback.

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personDec. 20, 0810:48 PM

When he's playing well, he looks as good as anybody out there. Take CHARGE, Jackson! MAKE THIS YOUR TEAM AND US FANS WILL ALL JUMP ON BOARD!

hugelatsDec. 21, 08 3:37 AM

The operative phrase bing "fans will all jump on board." Jesus Christmas, the man has one and a half good games and he's the next Peyton. Spare me. Speaking as a guy deployed to Iraq, it never ceases to amaze me how easily the American public is manipulated by the media. T-Jack is another Kordell Stewart: a great athlete, but not a great quarterback. And I'm not meaning to sound insulting or demeaning, all I'm saying is let's not lose our heads over 1.5 games. I'm sure if we go back, even Steve Dils probably had 1.5 good games. Keep things in perspective people.

klide2Dec. 21, 08 7:40 AM

Tarvy has all of the tools. All you have to do is watch him to see that. If you comprehend the game of football, this is a good all around quarterback. Yet the mental aspect of the game is the toughest and most important of all to master. For some it never happens. Go back and revisit Vinny Testaverde's career. See how long it took him to develop. Whne it happened, success was all around for him. Vinny was slow to grasp the mental part of the game. Tarvy can be a great quarterback . As for the suggestion McNabb would be a huge splash, larger than Jared Allen, that is nonsense. Jared Allen is the real deal. A D Lineman at the height of his game. Young and dominant. None...None...of those things regarding this quarterback McNabb, can be said. He is st best over the hill, past his prime and merely an average NFL quarterback. The only way to succeed with a franchise is to look at what the quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons has brought to this team. From a con-vic to this.

ignaciomonerDec. 21, 08 7:55 AM

It's a pity that GF led the turnaround and now sits. So, Tarvaris has to lead the team to a win & division title. He's been given the ball. I am unsure how all this has developed, it's smelled funy from the Lions game but, it's the coaches' decision, I'll buy it. The team, if they play a low-penalty game, without turnovers, can beat the very tough Falcons. I am concerned about making the #2 seed and getting into the tournament NOW. Anything can happen there, any team can get hot. Let the QB situation get sorted out next year, but top of my head, give Tarvaris 2009. I don't know about McNabb - he does not seem a solution. But, remain calm; everyone's favourite, Thypgen, unless resigned, is a free agent in 2010. :- )

tassoqDec. 21, 08 9:12 AM

especially when it comes to QBs. Prognosticating QBs has made fools and wise men of us all.

drsnowball00Dec. 21, 0810:06 AM

I still believe we need a coach who can adapt during the game and who will utilize the teams strengths and create new strengths. Tavaris was giving a run, run, pass; play selection at the beginning of the year. The pass plays called were only for short yardage; the linebackers who were in run coverage were already in position because the passes were in front or next to them. None of the play calling was Tavaris' fault. Only recently has Childress run AP to the outside, 3/4 of the season he ran AP up the middle negating his speed. Tavaris will be a great QB if he learns to read defenses, giving him the same plays will not promote his experience reading new defenses.

wadersDec. 21, 0811:08 AM

Gus is a back up. Period. I would love to see TJ keep on improving as time goes by. He could be a very good QB. We need to see it. I wish him the very best. Go Vikes!

hustler1Dec. 21, 0812:17 PM

All the talk of other options in the draft or free agency ignores that fact that there are few options period. Jackson was prematurely yanked this year. He's started a total of 17 games in his career. Closing the book on him would be a stupid decision. Childress is a lot of things, has a lot of faults, being stupid is not one of them!

RobK68Dec. 21, 08 1:13 PM

He had one good game and now he's the second coming of Jesus....If he sucks royally today what will you say then??

adamblue41Dec. 21, 08 1:40 PM

If Philly is truly sick of McNabb, picking him up would be an interesting idea. T-Jack was drafted supposedly to be a McNabb style QB...perhaps a little 1-on-1 mentoring would help. Most of all, it would finally bring stability to the rotating carousel of QBs we've had for the past few years.


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