Board reviews challenged ballots

  • Article by: KEVIN DUCHSCHERE, BOB VON STERNBERG, MIKE KASZUBA and PAUL WALSH , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: December 16, 2008 - 9:01 PM

Shortly after noon, the state Canvassing Board began examining ballots challenged by the Franken campaign.

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rawkibbyDec. 16, 0810:10 AM

Franken campaign reduced its challenges to under 500, Coleman campaign reduced its challenges to over 1000. Why couldn't coleman reduce his frivolous ballot challenges below 500 as instructed? The Franken campaign could. All part of the Coleman campaign strategy to 'win' at each juncture, so that the trolls here can say "He already won more (partial) recounts." and "the election was stolen by the courts" and "Richie recounted until he got his man in." (just like Washington State!) ____ BooHoo, let the election officials do their jobs. Be a man and live with the legal results.

mrtruthDec. 16, 0811:01 AM

"Be a man and live with the legal results." Sounds like you need to heed your own advice.

andyk47Dec. 16, 0811:05 AM

that Franken DFL voters were more likely to be the type more predisposed towards being unable to fill out a ballot incorrectly. I mean, those rules are tough to follow! "Fill in an oval completely." I mean, come on, how is the typical DFL person, who already believes government is the solution to every problem, supposed to figure that out?

rosenthalhfDec. 16, 0811:16 AM

Whats real interesting is the extrapolation here. Just because a selected subset of the ballots went 2-1 for Franke doesn't mean all of them would. A much larger sample of the whole stat has already shown the split is much closer to 50-50. The truth is that if ht ereaders examind all 6000 ballots it would be more meaningful then the 2000 or so they reviewed. Plus how many only ranked some of them then got bored and stopped reviewing them, meaning the count was skewed toward the early ballots in the sample

marpalleclDec. 16, 0811:37 AM

Maybe the Frankin Campaign had more "Frivolous" ballets in their challenges than did the Coleman camp? Reducing challenges to meet some arbitrary number does not mean that only meaningful challenges will remain. It only means that Mark Ritchie and company are tryign to make sure that they do not have to work too hard before they declare Crankin the winner, whether he is or is not the winner that is...

franksvobodaDec. 16, 0811:39 AM

I believe they said about 15 people completed all the ballots. I was one of these and you are right that it did change as we went through different groups. The first group was almost even for both Franken and Coleman. At about 1/3 of the way it was Franken winning about 200. At about half way it was Coleman by 60 and at about 4000 votes it was just about a tie. The final 2800 votes put Franken ahead again by 60-80 so it should be interesting to see what the board does. As has been mentioned before it was interesting to see all the challenges. Many people would mark the first two races with an X and then realize their mistake and would go back and fill the ovals, leaving the first two contests with ovals filled with an X. The one ballot I liked was a person that had the ballot that has an incomplete arrow that you fill in. I don't think he had a clue on what he was supposed to do so he filled in the space with a tiny arrow in each race :>) Of course that was challenged but I suspect there are only 10 people in the world that wouldn't be able to figure out the intent. I also liked the ballot that the person submitted that had absolutely no votes. I quess he was using the voting stub to get off of work. :>)

chansteveDec. 16, 0811:40 AM

So, we are down to about 1500 ballots.Thank God this will end soon.

sbinsdcaDec. 16, 0811:42 AM

I reviewed close to 6,200 of the approximately 6,700 ballots in question, giving every possible break to Coleman and removing every possible break for Franken... since I noticed early that the majority were going to Franken. At 6,200... Franken was 300 actual votes ahead of Coleman... so, he made up for the 192 deficit and exceeded it by close to 100. I'm confident Franken will be close to 100 votes ahead of Coleman after the challenged ballots are settled. However, they then need to settle the other issues of the missing envelope of 133 ballots (I believe that was the total) and the absentee ballots that were disqualified erroneously.

allsburgDec. 16, 0811:47 AM

I keep hearing that Franklin is up by about 80 after all the ballots were reviewed. My question is, how did you resolve the many challenges I saw that were because a ballot was marked "original" without a corresponding duplicate, or marked "duplicate" without a corresponding original? These were the ballots that troubled me the most.

sbinsdcaDec. 16, 0811:59 AM

2771(C)__3036(F)__344(O) = 6151 ballots reviewed out of 6,700 ballots challenged____That's a 265 surplus to Franken minus the origial 192 deficit = 73 Franken ahead... which is about the same number those who finished all ballots ended up with.


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