Battle of ballot disputes begins

  • Article by: PAT DOYLE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 16, 2008 - 5:36 PM

A state board begins to rule on ballots where voter intent was in question in the hotly contested Senate race.

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mmcinteeDec. 15, 0810:37 PM

Coleman 1,208,935 Franken 1,208,747 Difference 188 votes This was updated last Friday at 5pm.

thriftstore1Dec. 15, 0810:43 PM

If Senator Norm Coleman had either the smallest shred of respect for democracy and voters rights or even the tiniest scrap of courage, he would not seek to halt the counting of legally cast ballots. Anyone who stands behind any motion to disregard those votes legally cast is not an American Patriot, but a soldier in the Republican Fascist Guard, lending their voice and support to those who would not see democracy happen but rather a continuation of what little Republican power is left in Washington. I think everyone can agree that if a voter casts his ballot within the guidelines the election laws of this state provide to us, he has a right to have his vote counted. Senator Coleman needs to step aside and let democracy happen; his continued defiance is not rooted in principle, but in cowardice.

taconite12Dec. 15, 0810:55 PM

Coleman's primary intent is to stop the counting of the erroneously rejected absentee ballot envelopes, arguing, correctly I believe, that such envelopes have not been given equal consideration under the law. Should he prevail, it's a delaying event. Eventually, looks like by court order, ALL erroneously rejected absentee envelopes in ALL counties will be reevaluated according to exacting standards, and those passing legal muster WILL be counted, probably some 12-1500 ballots, which will break more heavily for Franken than for Coleman.

amot76Dec. 16, 0812:08 AM

It seems like everyone agrees that after the recount today the result will be near toss-up and when the wrongly rejected votes are counted Franken will be declared winner. But what if Coleman is playing his court game with one single purpose - to receive the winner certificate and later lose the seat at court. He will claim election was stolen, because all votes were counted. And he will retain his seat several more months, selling his vote and acting as the hardest opposition of the new administration (since he will not seek reelection). Franken is not the best choice for a Senator, but he won legally, and while at most times I would agree administartion has to be opposed fiercly on doubtfull issues, in time of crisis we need bipartisan action and support for the administration in favor of the people. Coleman has not a single ounce of bipartisanship. I am glad he lost!

osageapplesDec. 16, 08 1:05 AM

What I fail to grasp is why the treatment of wrongly discarded ballots not simply a procedural issue already resolved. Isn't this always an issue in recounts?? Why would a routine process issue not be resolved by policy instead of by a Board operating under the pressures of the moment?

al91206Dec. 16, 08 1:57 AM

Doesn't it just seem like all the "valid" and lawful ballots should count? I would be really mad if my absentee ballot were UNJUSTLY rejected, and not included in the recount. I fully understand that election officials make mistakes - they are human, but that doesn't mean you should make that same mistake - knowing it was in error - again during a recount. Also - here is something - Franken does not KNOW who those absentee ballot voters voted for - so by asking for "all unlawfully rejected" absentee ballots to be counted means Coleman also receives more votes and may very well win.

crownshipDec. 16, 08 4:15 AM

That's what the caption should read under election judge Ann Berres.

ndschmidtDec. 16, 08 5:18 AM

Why not let the state sell the seat to whoever has the most contributions left over and put the proceeds towards erasing the budget deficit.Made sense to another governor of a "blue" state.

mnhusker4Dec. 16, 08 6:23 AM


niceguy2008Dec. 16, 08 6:26 AM

What I want to know is why everyone assumes the absentee ballots are going to break for Franken? The AP reports that there is no indication of how they will break. Are there more such rejected ballots from blue areas of the state? What if Franken wins the recount only to lose after the rejected ballots are opened?


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