Coleman asks court to intervene in rejected absentee ballot count

  • Article by: MARK BRUNSWICK , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 13, 2008 - 5:15 PM

Lawyers for Republican Norm Coleman on Saturday asked the state Supreme Court to intervene in how rejected absentee ballots will be counted in the protracted U.S. Senate race with DFL opponent Al Franken, saying the process in place now is “internally inconsistent, contrary to applicable law and confusing.”

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danewillowDec. 13, 0812:42 PM

The purpose of the recount is to make sure ALL votes are counted correctly. Why should absentee ballots be any different? If they were WRONGFULLY rejected, they should be counted. That's just the right thing to do.

normysamoronDec. 13, 08 1:00 PM

3) Have buddy buy me a new suit for upcoming ethics hearing 4) Find out where Lauri is living in LA - might need new low rent pad to lay low for a while

oldblue48Dec. 13, 08 1:00 PM

These ballots should be counted if they followed the law. If they were done incorrectly, then no. We have laws for reasons.

alphascanDec. 13, 08 1:01 PM

The purpose of the recount is to make sure ALL votes are counted correctly...and uniformly from county to county.

emersonjDec. 13, 08 1:03 PM

It's funny when Republicans start talking about stolen elections and Florida 2000 in the same sentence. The rejected absentee ballots are still in unopened envelopes and nobody knows who the votes are for. Some Republicans make it seem that Democrat counties will choose only rejected Democratic votes to send in, but they can't do that because they don't know. On the other hand, if the Republican counties refuse to play, they will hurt Coleman. The standard for rejecting absentee ballots varied by county and wasn't completely clear the first time around, either, and the purpose of the recount is to improve that. Hopefully the Supreme Court will help out. I find it hard to understand the Coleman objection. Franken is just asking the counties to take another look at the absentee ballot rejections, the same way they took a second look at the ballots that were counted. Just normal recounting.

Average_JoeDec. 13, 08 1:14 PM

....Hanging Thads. (FifTH pile)

hansoloDec. 13, 08 1:19 PM

Norm Coleman is clearly on his way out. Why would he seek to stifle the voices of people in his own State? I am a hawkish American and because of this I ended up voting for Bush last time around (although I was appalled when he beat Gore the first time). That said I assume I probably voted for Norm once and perhaps another time when he was a faux democrat. This time I know Norm's interests a 1) Norm 2) Norm's image 3) Norm's family 4) State of Minnesota- and that's a maybe. As long as ballots aren't fake, they ought to be counted. This is our American way, let's not let anybody screw this up for us. Don't let the screen door hit your rear end on your way out Norm.

spicyjackDec. 13, 08 1:20 PM

The purpose of the recount is to get it right. If absentee ballots were INCORRECTLY rejected, they should be counted. We don't even know yet who this will benefit the most. It would be funny if Franken had more votes after the initial recount, and then Coleman won because of the absentee ballots. I'll bet both sides will reverse their opinions of the absentee ballots...

clarkaaronDec. 13, 08 1:24 PM

Here's what I am missing from this story: 1. What are the 4 reasons for rejecting an absentee ballot? 2. Are each of these 4 reasons black and white? Or do they allow for "Interpetation" from an election judge. 3. If in fact the rules are subject to a persons opinion, shouldn't that be the focus of the story and most likely the focus of the legal action being taken? We can surf the internet at unbelieveable speeds from a handheld unit the size and weight of a piece of bread. That device also can tell you the name of a song from just hearing it, and can distinguish the group singing it as well. Plus, with one click, you can buy that song! But, we still vote on paper.

ckuhlmanDec. 13, 08 1:24 PM

No cherry picking of absentee ballots by any candidate for any reason.


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