'Outrageous' designation irks fans of Greenway bike center

  • Article by: JIM FOTI , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 13, 2008 - 7:17 AM

Minneapolis' Freewheel Midtown Bike Center is on an Oklahoma senator's list of "the year's most outrageous federal spending."

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grandpabobDec. 12, 08 9:10 PM

... the best thing you can say is, "Well, it's cheaper than the war in Iraq."

SAPiersonDec. 12, 08 9:14 PM

As he and the rest of the city council make such wise decisions as spending 500K on water artistic water fountains.

schmoe9630Dec. 12, 08 9:21 PM

People who drive cars pay for the roads. Why shouldn't bike riders pay for the trails? Register every bike that is used on the trails, and have a yearly license fee. This money would be dedicated for use on bike paths. That way, the money that is spent on car licenses and gas taxes can be spent on roads and not diverted to trails. If you don't ride your bike on the trails, you don't have to register. If you caught riding on a trail without a license, the fines would be similar to those imposed on cars (confiscation, fines, impound fees, etc). This is a simple, common sense approach.

atch1111Dec. 12, 08 9:22 PM

...your name is grandpabob and you focus on 1% of the article instead of realizing that bike commuters make the community better for all of us, bike riders or not.

chad723Dec. 12, 08 9:22 PM

Is his DL valid? He may need a bike center.

AnondsonDec. 12, 08 9:25 PM

. . . this went to a private business, and likely ONLY because the owner knew a politician. This is a far cry from a highway rest stop that is owned by taxpayers and run by MnDOT. One could equate this with a rest stop if it indeed was a state-owned facility. Otherwise this is simply increasing the debt upon our children at the benefit of a business. Crony capitalism is what this is.

mplsmtnbikerDec. 12, 08 9:25 PM

While to do applaud the bike center, I do wish that some of that money could be used for other areas of bicycling in the city. More bicycle lanes on connecting streets and better signage to make automobiles aware of bicycles...their rights and responsibilities on the road as well, would be a good start. More storage units for bicycles in major areas, so that bicycle parking isn't an issue, and lets face it, better lighting along the greenway and surrounding trails would be a great safety measure with the recent muggings. But all in all, to complain about the bicycle center is kinda silly when the city is approving 5.3mil for a new "green" roof for the target center....

peterfhenryDec. 12, 08 9:31 PM

The idea that "only" people who drive cars pay for roads is completely and utterly false. We all pay for roads, even people without cars. And so, as a public good, we should all pay for bike trails and their attendant facilities. The fact is, if more people rode bike to work and around town, we would be saving energy, creating local jobs, protecting our environment and national security, and improving our health. Why is this a terrible waste of federal money again?

norsskenDec. 12, 08 9:31 PM

It bothers you not one iota to use an airport named for a man who died in an airplane crash.

the_vfoxDec. 12, 08 9:31 PM

make each bicyclist pay a yearly registration fee like I do and pay for all these pork projects.


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