Minneapolis freezes hiring, fearing aid cuts

  • Article by: STEVE BRANDT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 12, 2008 - 7:57 PM

In other actions in its last meeting this year, the council also regulated news racks and OK'd a green roof for Target Center.

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yayasoutDec. 12, 08 4:49 PM

Only in the City of Minneapolis...hiring freeze, no new police hirings and over 5 mil for a greenie roof for that dump, the Target Center. These elected officials in Mpls are exactly what the people who voted them in deserve. Enjoy this along with the property tax increase. Jeez...

the_vfoxDec. 12, 08 4:52 PM

don't get it. Stop spending. 5.2 mill for a "GREEN" roof for a building that won't be standing in 2025 makes them look pretty clueless.

mismohallDec. 12, 08 5:02 PM

I think they are attempting to influence public opinion and perception of Mpls. for when the stadium opens up. Neato shots from the air of the new stadium and did we mention the green roof on the Target Center. I like the idea of greening but is this the most efficient green way to spend 5.2 mil?

libertarianDec. 12, 08 5:12 PM

According to the gospel of Pawlenty, no new taxes means increased property taxes. Higher property taxes means more foreclosures, which means lower home prices, which means lower property tax income, which means further tax increases for those who can keep their homes. They are getting us coming and going by devaluing our homes via increased foreclosure rates and then increasing our property taxes to make up for the shortfall. How about a lifetime one year limit on welfare and a bus ticket anywhere other than MN when it runs out? Let's legalize gambling like Vegas and get rid of our personal income tax altogether. Instead, we get the same, tired old solutions that simply shift the burden of a government budget that is too large to carry.

kahnbentDec. 12, 08 5:14 PM

Glad I moved to sunny California! OPPS, Arnold has made us broke too!

mrkottahDec. 12, 08 5:46 PM

With a large number of boarded-up houses and LOTS more to come, Minneapolis is in a panic for revenue. How about laying off a bunch of their useless staff, beginning with the housing inspectors who just drive around and tell you what you should be spending your money on? Oh, then there's the people who tell you what trees to cut down on your property because they want to save "the urban forest." Cut these losers out of the city budget along with a lot of other extra baggage.

Redstar123Dec. 12, 08 5:52 PM

This is the sound of the rest of the state laughing at Minneapolis and its "green" roof.

shauntruaxDec. 12, 08 6:00 PM

We all seriously need to band together and run these fools out of office. BTW--The Target roof will pay for itself after 530 years. Not a bad turnaround time, huh? That's right--IN 21 GENERATIONS! Unreal. Also, they forgot to mention the Hmong family whose house got shot up by the police early this year or late last year (I don't think anyone in the house spoke English and could not respond to police orders--unfortunate event, yes, the cops raided the wrong house) got a payout of about $650,000, courtesy of the city council. They had to pay for this somehow, despite the fact that no one on either side of the shootout got hurt, fortunately. I hope part of the settlement was requiring the family to take English lessons soemwhere--I'm sure Community Ed is the city here has them for free or very low cost. No, instead they are requiring the cops to take classes to understand Hmong culture better. I'm not making this up. Email City Council members and voice your concerns--I have emailed them in good times and bad and usually hear back promptly. This city is lost.

twins09Dec. 12, 08 6:11 PM

In this economy given all the desperate needs and impending sacrifice they found $5M for a green roof on a building that will be obsolete in a decade?!

waldronDec. 12, 08 6:11 PM

Here, they reduced the size of news racks and all you people can complain about is higher taxes... of course they really should have demanded green news racks, for goodness sakes. The government really needs to do something about that.


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