Brooklyn Center now roughly half white, half minority

  • Article by: DAVID PETERSON and JIM ADAMS , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: December 9, 2008 - 5:52 PM

Census data show minorities are nearly half of Brooklyn Center's population.

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memorylaneDec. 8, 0810:14 PM

If more move to Minnesota that should be no problem. They are hard working people.

rlvandyDec. 8, 0810:18 PM

...the crime rate has jumped.

druceeDec. 8, 0810:24 PM

Just take comments off this article already... I'm in no mood to see racist crap tonight.

dreesehaugenDec. 8, 0810:27 PM

Everyone would move to Fargo ND/Moorhead MN, things would be fine. But it is too cold and windy up here for people to exist. That's ok. We are doing fine.

rbortleDec. 8, 0810:39 PM

lets remember that it is the economic class that brings crime,, not the color,, there are plenty of poor white people out there and there are plenty of white criminals.. AND crime will increase as our economy continues to plunge..

frobergaDec. 8, 0810:56 PM

It's time to stop blaming poverty and crime on the government and "social issues" and have a little pride in ourselves as human beings. People of all races need to pick themselves up by their boot straps and get to work. You hate government hand outs? Teach people about success through hard work and discipline and they will have enough self worth to refuse the hand outs. These citizens living in so-called poverty can go to school on borrowed money and part time jobs like I did and educate themselves. There is no poverty problem, there's a weak people problem.

mnnice2009Dec. 8, 0811:04 PM

I'm fine with living in a diverse neighborhood. Makes no difference to me if my neighbor was white, black, green, blue, whatever. I'll still get to know them.

backcheck3Dec. 8, 0811:11 PM

Is simply acknowledging the fact that crime, poverty, and minority populations have all increased in Brooklyn Center simultaneously racist? If it is, then I don't think we'll ever be able to have a mature conversation on this topic.

muddustyDec. 8, 0811:16 PM

Hey folks, regardless of what color you are, racism is a problem that goes both ways. I lived in North Mpls for quite awhile and can't count the number of times someone told me to "get up on out of here" or that they'd "like to pop a cap in a white boy." But you know, you can't let your background or your culture dictate who you are, what you do, and especially what you don't do. North mpls, S. St. Paul, Brook Center, whatever...those of you living in these neighborhoods need to get off your asses and take responsibility for what goes on in your communities and stop putting up with all the thugs and crime. You are not victims because you are black, poor, white trash, or whatever excuse you can think of!

Mark_In_LPDec. 8, 0811:21 PM

And some narrow minded liberals call southerners racist. Any of you libs should take that line and shove it. Look at your own fellow Minnesotans!

And i lived in the south for 25 years. You liberals are as narrow minded as they come when talking about the south.


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