Twin Cities health groups cut 613 jobs

  • Article by: CHEN MAY YEE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 8, 2008 - 10:50 PM

Slow business and bad debt are taking a toll on an industry once thought to be "recession proof."

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doerisbilDec. 8, 08 4:37 PM

Is there any other business required to give service for free? Think of free cars, groceries or even free public education (meaning the teachers would not get paid). Hope our hospitals do not go the way of all those in Los Angeles.

JESSE62199Dec. 8, 08 4:38 PM

Where's the healthcare bailout??? I think healthcare is a little more important then cars but that will never happen....

thedimonDec. 8, 08 4:41 PM

If unions decreased their demands and employees collectively agreed on a pay-cut, everyone would have a job.

bobballDec. 8, 08 5:14 PM

The difference is that the taxpayers have no problem paying for education (public schools only appear "free"). Healthcare needs a better way to recover costs for the indigent. Not sure if "national healthcare" is the answer (still isn't's on the back of every taxpayer). As for pay cuts. Lets start with all the financial giants and auto industry, hmmm? Get UAW and bank execs to take similar pay cuts thedimon, and we can talk about pay cuts in the healthcare industry. The costs in education to work in healthcare mean that even "reasonable" pay isn't nearly as lucrative as many people think.

azclownDec. 8, 08 5:19 PM

Laws mandate that hospitals treat people in an emergency with or without health insurance. How do you expect hospitals to make money from the 50% who have no insurance. People who do have insurance, pay $25 co-pays, and are responsible get screwed while the others get free handouts. Hospitals never get the money back from these people, and they never will.

azclownDec. 8, 08 5:22 PM


digalvinDec. 8, 08 5:28 PM

if these hospitals hadn't spent all that money on new technology and building expansions, maybe they wouldn't have to lay off staff.....or maybe if a couple of folks in the executive suites took a pay cut then they would have some money left to pay the grunts on the ground floors.

maggiefluffyDec. 8, 08 5:39 PM

You are darn right unions have stalled our economy. UAW slaughtered the US auto industry. Free health care, "affortable" home loans and "jobs Americans didn't want" for illegals, and American workers pay the piper. It's just the beginning, sheeple. The only change on it's way is what's left in your pocket book.

tjb7345Dec. 8, 08 5:43 PM

at the line that covers how much the CEO's of these hospitals make. I work for a Twin Cities hospital and while the layoffs don't affect me, it's obvious that these companies are too management heavy while the people and departments that make the majority of the money are the first to get cut. It's funny, because these departments would be counted as assets, while other people such as management, who don't bring in any money but sure cost us a lot, get to stick around. Azclown had a point about insurance and coverage, and when we have a system where anyone can show up at our hospital and get free health care, while people who have worked here and contributed to our communities cannot, then the system is inherently flawed.

wordupDec. 8, 08 5:54 PM

its that simple. The patient ratios are crazy bad in the Metro hospitals and will only get worse. Problem is, the nurses will leave enmasse soon. You can't expect RNs to work with so many humans lives on their hands each shift. The burn out rates are very high. It's a nasty job. And yes, most are union. Enough of your union bashing in this thread. It's not the Unions who voted for Bush and the Republican agenda. That's the real problem. The Nurses Union is a good one that protects a group that is often very exploited in our healthcare system. Most Hospital nurses cant work more than 32 hours a week or they will have no back or brain left. They are underpaid. Imagine having to care for some of the jerks who post in these forums for a living.


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