3M will slash 1,800 more jobs, delay merit pay

  • Article by: DEE DePASS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 5, 2008 - 10:30 PM
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catboxlinerDec. 5, 08 7:29 PM

The only thing trickling on the middle class gets is economic pain. I don't see any cuts of any type in the upper echelons of any company. What gives???!!!!

chunstigerDec. 5, 08 7:52 PM

Watch these too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TP_aJ7LcAAA

jmgg700Dec. 5, 08 9:05 PM

Here is an idea to save jobs layoff or cut the pay to the big CEOs they dont need the $$$$ bonus money they can get cut in half and still make out ok. If they cut that in half and cut some of the upper managers then we could save the jobs for the middle class. the middle class is who is getting the shaft. I mean most big companies like 3M and etc have a CEO and you normaly got a president, vice president, vice vice president etc, someone to pick the vice presidents nose etc and some managers that just sit around playing on the computer drinking coffee all day while the workers bust there butts getting the jobs done. Its time companies start to retool and give the middle class the power to work and make a living.

jollyrogerDec. 5, 08 9:31 PM

is slashing expenses in anticipation of the Obama regime's anti-business policies.

carnivoreDec. 5, 0810:30 PM

>>... ordering some workers to take vacation time or time without pay during the last two weeks of December.<<

nevDec. 5, 0811:24 PM

If you can't afford a week or two off without causing major disruptions in your life, you are living beyond your means. You better get a handle on it soon!

captsharkDec. 6, 08 6:14 AM

The easiest way to bolster profits is to cut your workforce. Once again the execs at 3M take the easy way out instead of actually digging in and going to "work". The big boys will still go on their executive retreats to Arizona to golf and relax. They'll still fly the corporate jets instead of taking commercial airlines. They'll still eat in the executive dining room because they're too good to eat in the regular cafeteria's. They keep adding more executives and cut workers. The foundation of the company is being knocked down and it's only a matter of time before their big tower collapses. Someone should write a book, "Great to Good, the McNerney/Buckley story of 3M". Time to outsource the CEO job to someone who actually will do some work instead of spending all day counting his pile of money.

cjbrumDec. 6, 08 8:18 AM

What's missing from the article is a basic fact for context. The 3M company website says they employ more than 76,000 people. So the 2,800 person (2 groups) layoff is around 3% of the total workforce. Most places where I've worked you could find 3 people out of 100 who weren't adding value and the teams would be better without them. Hopefully those let go will quickly find new work they enjoy.

beeker1Dec. 6, 08 8:52 AM

3M sold off it's moral compass when they brought in their first "outside" CEO. The founding fathers of the company believed in advancement from within. 3M had to be brought into the good ol' boy network of U.S. companies. Employee loyalty has been lost and will never be regained with this bunch of outsiders running the company.

taxedtodeathDec. 6, 08 8:59 AM

I have never worked for 3M, so this may not apply there. Over the last couple of years, I have been both laid off and a survivor of a lay off. In both cases, the companies reduced their headcounts, but did not make any changes to how they did business. I mean, we had five less people in our group, but the amount of work stayed the same, and we were expected to pick up the load. I suppose we were forced to become more effective/productive, but why didn't the company try to improve productivity prior to the layoff?


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