Senate recount: Finish line is in sight

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA and BOB VON STERNBERG , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: December 5, 2008 - 5:16 AM

The Coleman-Franken race remained close, and the mystery over 133 ballots hasn't been solved.

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kevinmchaleDec. 4, 0811:14 AM

Franken & Coleman flip a coin to decide the outcome. Winner moves to Afghanistan, loser moves to the Congo.

rotz19Dec. 4, 0811:26 AM

Wouldn't that almost be easier?

noinkDec. 4, 0811:33 AM

The outcome of the Minnesota Senate race will determine whether Democrats hold a majority of 59 or 58 seats in the Senate. A Franken victory would make it easier to gather the 60 votes Senate Democrats need to cut off debate and expedite President-elect Barack Obama’s legislative agenda through Congress. The swing of only a handful of votes in Minnesota could tempt the U.S. Senate to intervene, and possibly conduct an investigation to ensure that all ballots were counted properly. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has already issued a strong warning to Minnesota election officials that any "disenfranchisement" of voters will not be tolerated. State election officials have not yet announced how the reversal of the double-counting error will impact the vote totals. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, however, is reporting that Franken will suffer a net loss of as many as 46 votes. That could prove to be a decisive blow to the electoral hopes of the comedian-turned-politician. In response to the latest snafu, Franken campaign officials are issuing protests loud enough to be heard all the way to Washington which may be the point. Franken communications director Andy Barr is calling the latest turn of events "an incredible breach of the democratic process."

marpalleclDec. 4, 0811:37 AM

Sure, if you allow Barkley into it too. These two have shown a better picture of their character now. So the least we can do is allow people to make a "better informed" decision. :)

potzie11Dec. 4, 0812:00 PM

Tit for Tat..... how many times does one party do something and then low and behold the other does the same, however Coleman is a true follower in this category.

jasperu2Dec. 4, 0812:01 PM

The clock is winding down Al for you to continue this charade. Your behind and most likely will be when the recount is completed. Whether by 300 votes or just 1 the handwriting is on the wall. You lost. Get over it and let the rest of us get on with our lives. You should too !!

TillieCJDec. 4, 0812:12 PM

I consider Minnesota "home" even if I haven't lived there for years, thus I keep in touch with MN news. Sorry to tell you, Minnesota is starting to be the laughing stock of the country--appropro: comedian as senator.? Everyone thinks it is just a matter of "lost and found" ballots before the comedian wins. Some persons here (who have met him) consider his comments in social situations inappropriate and embarrassing. This is a sorry picture for a beautiful state.

chemnitzDec. 4, 0812:51 PM

TillieCJ commented that Minnesota has become a laughingstock around the rest of the country. It is absolutely true - MN is the butt of many jokes now. As someone who lives on the east coast but also considers Minnesota "home," I have noticed this same thing more and more. It was bad enough with the wrestler governor, but now with the almost certain prospect of a comedian/clown senator, being a displaced Minnesotan is socially unbearable. It's become a state for a different kind of loon, and it makes me very sad.

paulomanDec. 4, 08 1:06 PM

By re-electing Bachmann, the folks in the 6th CD have already assured that title.

misternDec. 4, 08 1:08 PM

The "Ballot Challenge" has always been a joke. Instead of showing you the reason for why the ballot was contested, Strib shows just a small part of the ballot and asks you to make a decision. Only after you expand each ballot to see the full image do you find out even WHY the ballot was challenged. In many cases, it is only when the ballot is seen in full that you see the voter has put their name on the ballot, invalidating it. You don't see that in the little summary you are asked to vote on. There is no way folks taking the "Ballot Challenge" are expanding every single ballot, so people are being mislead by what Strib is showing them. People are not even voting on the actual reason why the ballots were challenged in the first place! And now with the number of ballots withdrawn by both sides matching the same number of ballots in the "Ballot Challenge", any shred of legitimacy is gone from the "Ballot Challenge". For all that we know, every single one of the ballots in the "Ballot Challenge" could now no longer be contested at all! At this point the Strib's continuation of the Ballot Challenge actually harms the public's understanding of what is going on with challenges more than it had originally helped. Strib should pull the "Ballot Challenge" until the candidates determine their final list of challenged ballots to be sent for review. And then bring it back ONLY under the condition that the first thing seen by readers is the reason for the ballot being contested.


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